Useful Tips For SR & PR Recovering MP (Lineage 2 exploits)

For all the Silver Rangers and Phantom Rangers out there, ever think of a faster way to recover your MP besides sitting on the floor?

Simple, buy yourself a tunic or robe (yes, not only mage can buy tunic, archer can buy them too!). Just equip the robe or tunic when you sit there recovering MP, and it will recover much faster compare to light armor. Fact= robe & tunic can recover MP faster than light armor

When you want to kite, try equip robe or tunic because it gave you extra MP! Change back to light armor when mob come near you

To extend this theory, buy your self heavy armor when you prpare to fight mobs with same level or higher. Why? Because evasion rate will drastically reduce when you fight higher level mobs, so better equip heavy armor to take lesser damge when you know you cant evade ^^

Now, unleash your creativity, think if you are a warrior or a mage, how to make full use for heavy armor (increase def), light armor (increase evasion), and robes (increase max MP & MP recovering speed). They are all useful in different situation ^^

Outside community will suddently think why there is bunch of archer fashion freaks suddently wear robes… lol


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