The Ultimate Money Maker For Wizards – Lireins (Lineage ii Adena)

Want to make 50k adena an hour? I’m sure many of you have seen Wizards kiting Lireins in the western area of Elven Forest. Here’s the deal.

Lireins drop between 130-160 adena per kill but are EXTREMELY slow. You can kite up to 30 of these guys at any one time, and use the Area of Damage skill Flame Strike (acquired at Level 20 by Wizards) to kill all of those Lireins at once! Only 4 hits by flame strike and BOOM, up to 4200 adena drops, and tons of loot. Do this about 12 times an hour and you’re PAID, and you get amazing XP. I highly recommend all Wizards do this EXCLUSIVELY from level 20-level 25. You will get all the money you’ll need, and level up faster than any other profession.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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