The Anti-Pker Surprise (Lineage 2 review)

A quick way to give those PKers a reason to think twice about messing with your low level friends. If your friend is getting PKed all the time, it’s time to teach those guys a lesson! This assumes you have the ability to take these particular PKs to school! *evil grin*Look for a PKer and hoax them into meeting you for a friendly battle as if you’re a noob at level 7 or 8.


Before they come along, take off all your gear and make yourself look weak with a tiny sword and cloth armor. Put all of your good equipment on command with the soft keys and get ready. When you start the battle, let them hit you first then just hit all your softkeys to gear up instantly.


Nail ’em with all you’ve got and justice is served! I spend most of my time as a helpless female human and con them every time when they realize that I’m a level 38 Knight hungry for blood!

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