Special Ability Quest (Lineage 2 naked)

1. Must be level 40 or above to do this quest.

2. Find any one of these NPC’s to start quest… Grandmaster Jurek (Giran), Magister Gieder (Oren), Magister Wynonen (Aden).

3. After talking with the NPC’s you can choose to receive either the Red, Green or Blue SAC. The type of SAC you choose will determine what "SA" you get on your weapon. I recommend getting 20~30 of these, they’re free but they break easily, hence the challenging part of this quest.

4. Go hunting in the hunting spots briefly mentioned by Jurek, Gieder or Wynonen.

1~3 – North of Oren, Timak Orc’s
1~6 – Forest of Mirrors, Mirror, Harit Lizards
1~8 – Destroyed Citadel (C2 new area, above cemetery) Doom Mob series
1~10 – Tower of Oman(Insolence)
1~10 – DVC, Malruk Knight, Berserker, Road, Rimal Karinmis, Kariku, Paitan, Paitan Assistant

5. Equip your SAC in tool bar, while hunting the mob, activate and a drain energy type of animation will appear. If sucessful, you will see in the text box that the SAC has absorbed the energy, failed to absorb or failed to absorb SAC has shattered. Remember you can only have one SAC in your inventory for this to work, leave your other SAC on your pet, have someone carry them or on the ground.

6. According to your weapon you have to successfully raise the level of your SAC. For the emi bow, you have to raise it to level 8, if I remember correctly. For the Hazard/Bow of Peril its 10. Most people just go to the destroyed citadel bc they can solo these mobs and level the SAC from 1~10. TOI and DVC are now party mobs and are nearly impossible to solo even for a archer or mage.

7. Find the town Head Dwarf NPC once you have the SAC at the desired level, with your weapon and gemstones. He will make your enhanced weapon.

For Level 11 and 12 Sa Crystals i heard you have to High level raid bosses like around level 7x ones or like anthras

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