SP Strategy – Interesting For Clan Leaders (Lineage ii private Server)

Interesting tidbit of information for clan leaders.

As we all know, leveling down is absolutely horrible. However, for clan leaders there is actually a large benefit to leveling down at certain points in the game. Here is one such intance…..

I ran across a fellow in game who was constantly getting killed by a town guard (at least 20+ times as I was watching). I struck up a conversation with him, and he explained a few things to me….

1. You do not lose ANY skills gained while "leveling down". In other words, whatever skills you have learned at level 30, you would still have them if you leveled all the way down to 15.
2. You do lose your max HP/MP levels.
3. This is a common strategy on Korean servers by clan leaders to get the 500,000 SP you need to increase your clan’s level to level 2 in the game.
4. You level up MUCH quicker after a significant "down leveling", since you retain your power from your higher levels. This makes leveling back up much easier than your first time around. In fact, many clan leaders repeat this process incessantly at higher clan levels in the game.

I tested this out by leveling one of my characters down to the most recent "new skill" level. (in this case 25 down to 23). And it’s true, you do not lose ANY skills learned at previous levels, and I still did the same amount of damage I did at 25. No change whatsoever.

Logically, by leveling down to 15 or so, I could happily be killing Wyrms near Giran and earning 250+ SP per kill. Of course, you would need a ranged attack to accomplish this,going toe to toe with a level 35+ mob isn’t a good idea. However with a fully functional Gastraphetes bow and a high level of bow mastery…….no problem at all.

I have a clan leader character whom I may retire soon, so I will likely try this out. This is confirmed as working thus far. Will update as soon as I get up the gall to level down my level 35 Dwarf.

Interesting information for all you clan leaders out there.

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