Silver Phatom Rangers – FAST Leveling 40-52 (Lineage 2 armor)

Here are some great leveling tips for all you Silver/Phantom Rangers out there.

What You’ll Need:

a. At least an Ice Bow (Eminence even better). Str Long Bows/Akat Bows are not recommended due to their extremely slow shooting speed.
b. A decent set of armor, Theca is recommended but enchanted Manticore will do in a pinch. If you get theca, make sure to get the boots too for a +75 p.def boost.
c. As many soulshots as you can carry.

Stack up your inventory with around 800 arrows, and as many c-ss you can carry, and a few scroll of escapes for the needed restocks in Dion. Now, head into Cruma Tower, and make your way up to level 2.

Once you hit level 2 in Cruma head down the ramp and make an immediate right, then into the first room. Be extremely careful, as there are aggro Torfes here! If they catch you off guard you could be in trouble. The room is usually camped on most servers, so you shouldn’t have much trouble, if it is camped, just make your way through the room carefully.

Once through the first room you’ll come to a huge huge rectangular shaped room (again watching out for a lone Torfe), and skirt your way around the room TO THE LEFT until you come to a long empty bridge. This is your camping spot of choice. This bridge has ZERO spawns, and is a great place to kite level 48-52 mobs from the large rectangular room you navigated through.

**HINT: A single Torfe spawns right by the entrance to the bridge. Be extra careful when running into the large room from the bridge, as a Torfe may be lurking!**

These are the mobs to target:

a. Diors
b. Death Knights

These are the mobs to ignore:

a. Torfes (too fast in C1, can be soloed but you will be hit a bit too much)
b. Golems (close to impervious to arrows like most golems)

Both DKs and Diors can be easily outrun/kited by a Silver Ranger/Phantom Ranger. Both of these mobs give you between 4000-5000 xp per kill. I leveled a Silver Ranger here mostly SOLO, from level 40-50 EXTREMELY quickly. Nowhere else in the entire realm can compare to this spot. The XP is amazing, but pulling this off does require a bit of skill and trepidation in avoiding the torfes. Torfes can be killed as well solo, but they have sped up a bit since prelude. If you do get a torfe on you, it will require a lot more kiting distance than Diors or Death Knights.

**HINT: Between Level 40-42 you may miss death knights quite a bit, throw on your "Accuracy" skill and this tendency will disappear. You will require more rest to regen MP, but avoiding death is much more useful than saving MP!**

This strategy is best used when spamming soulshots. I realize this costs money, but with the high amount of adena dropped by mobs… don’t lose a TON of money. You will be in the negative, but I for one am not opposed to "paying" for leveling in this stage of the game. Once you are level 50 you won’t have much issue pulling in 100-200k adena per hour in drops solo in places like the cemetary.

Who says Cruma isn’t for solo artists? 😉 It’s GREAT for solo archers! Please leave feedback on this post, this is a tried and true method. Simply the best spot in the game to level QUICKLY for a skilled DE/Elven Archer. Good luck…and careful with the Torfes!

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