PVP Class Guide (Lineage 2 downloads)

PVP Class Guide

If you are here to play Lineage 2 and be a good pvper or the best pvper here is a guide to the strenths of each class and there status as pvp charators. First off this data is through my experiences with Lineage 2 and is not set in stone and has just the opinion of what I think about the classes and what i have seen in game.
First Off Rating The Classes By My Opinion In Pvp Starts With
Dark Elf, Elf, Human, Orc, Dwarf

Dark Elf: Seems to be number one class for pvp because of there superior strength at the beginning and later on using Bows/2 Handed Swords/Dagger’s

Elf: I believe they are superior to the next 3 classes because of there Bowman ship they take charge in pvp when it comes to a Bow using Elf because of there natural speed with arrows and there buff’s they get with the bows.

Human: Human and Orc cut even by my point of view. Humans can be quite deadly in pvp when a Mage but also quite strong in terms of taking Damage when using a 1 Handed Sword and Shield Humans are well balanced in terms off all there weapons and skills.

Orc: Orcs are tied with Humans in my opinion in pvp both achieving third Place. When a Orc you can take serious damage and also deliver quite a blow with your Claws and even greater up front attack with the Orc’s unbalanced melee attacks.

Dwarf: Last but not least the Dwarf’s sorry to say but these fine pinets are just lacking some thing in terms of offence and defensive power in lineage 2 later on in the game. Don?t get me wrong here but there main goal in lineage 2 is to make players rich in other words crafting. They come in handy in battle though because of there defense but they lack in Spells and Melee.

‘I know I am going to get people disagreeing with me but this is through my experience of playing lineage 2 on the Korean servers’
Next Off Will be Perfect Pvp Class I am runing out of time but hopfuly will have the next post and guide up tomorrow

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3 Responses to PVP Class Guide (Lineage 2 downloads)

  1. Mark says:

    I think you can’t say a race is better than another… Maybe you can say it about a class (on which not even everyone agrees) but a race? Even if the elves have great archers, does that make the race good? The daggers could still suck… Also you may want to call it ‘race comparison’ rather than ‘PVP Class Guide’ 🙂 Well thanks for the time put in this and it’s still a little useful 🙂

  2. 5 years experience says:

    I agree , this was shit about telling races being better than another … wtf was that ? I tought this was pvp guide not some crapy race guide… this I can read from main website … well at least you did something … good work but change Tittle name 😛

  3. fillosofos says:

    i believe that isn’t balance …i have the opinion that was balance before i started viewing the history of lineage 2….

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