Polearmers 75k+ An Hour (Lineage 2 exploit)

A quick strategy for Polearmers level 18+ (however ANY higher level works for pure cash farming) that want to rake in some serious dough is head to the north coast of Dwarf Island. The XP isn’t amazing at that level, but you’ll get great cash!

Here’s the strategy………

Location: Dwarfland North Coast (can get there via Gatekeeper in Dwarf Village for 750a)
Target: Opal Beasts
Technique: Slap 3-4 Opal Beasts at once, then begin hitting with Polearm/special move/SS. Polearmers of course damage ALL mobs in range of their weapon. Each Opal beast drops 200-250a a piece most of the time, and this spot isn’t very camped. At higher levels you can even pull 5 to 6 at once.

With this technique you can easily make 75k+ an hour, realizing cash/loot dropped. I would suggest being level 18 at least. It has been confirmed by a clan member per my suggestion, and was a technique I first realized in Taiwan Open Beta. Very good strat! He made about 250k in a day.

Will get some new archer/sword wielder techniques up within a day or two!

Also remember to ALWAYS sell dwarf crafting items such as iron/coal/braided hemp etc via private store. NEVER sell to NPC vendors. NPC vendors will pay you only 50a or so for iron, while you can get Dwarves to pay you 230-300a per piece.

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