PL From 10-20 In A Night (Lineage 2 nude patch)

Okay this is gonna be quick because im resting in-game ^^
I play server #4 and lately I have betrayed my clan over adena and have made an alt char while my prime goes on holiday ^^

Anyway I am a d/e archer and twinked with highest 0 grade gear (comp/MP armour) anyway fight your way to 10 – should take 2-3hrs MAX

Go to elmore (orc town) Cave of Trails (buy a map) inside cave the first room is full of salamanders and there is a lava pit which contains a 3 mobs re-spawn 30secs

Go to the wall and camp between the lava pit, and open fire ^^ they are lvl 17-18 mobs and drop 150k books/bow of forest gear etc. I’m nearly lvl 20 now and its taken me a night, boring boring boring, but no deaths and you can research the net while you wait for MP — IT ROCKS!!

I can buy the highest d-grade bow when i hit 20 woohoo, P.S

I have used bots in retail and ONLY in CoT –> its always empty beside china farmers and they dont give a **** if you dont get in there way, there is a secret waLL with a lvl 35?? evil eye lord boss guy, behind him and infront are good bot areas -> not many people know about it!!!!

I hope this helps? P.S sorry if this has already been said and YES i understand most of us are over 30….. But yeah good for alt twinks ^^

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