Palus Knight Quest…Made EASY! (Lineage 2 bot)

Part 1) GET TO LVL 20. You cannot complete the quest until you are level 20.

How to?

Well I was on Orc hill by DE town till lvl 10 then swamp in the "GRAVE YARD" (the big tower thing in the middle of the swamp) killing spiders and horrors until 15.
15-20 is the hardest I was in RoD for a while in the farmer’s fields killing skeletons, and imps. Stay away from the ruins itself! Imps inside there are deadly (imp elders). Zombies cast fireballs that hurt if not careful. And watch out for bots that could be there. If you need extra cash talk to Curtis before heading out he’s by one of the exits (Guard) he will send you to another npc just around the corner from him (to the right behind a building if you are facing out of the city towards curtis).

1-17 took me a day with bronze set and falchion.
17-20 took me 1 day with same equip and to do the class change then passed out after work.

Usually takes alot longer but I was power gaming (16 hours straight with only breaks to eat and sleep)

Part 2) First Tiral

In gludio you must talk to the Figher Master. He tells you to kill 13 Lycanthrope and get their skulls. They are found in the Neutral area north of Gludio.

REQUIREMENTS: 1 Scroll of Escape, 1 Map, No grade Soul shots, Nerves of steel.
LOCATION: 48.5 DOWN by 44.5 ACROSS beside the river.
DANGERS?: Spiders and the big raid boss. They did not argo me but they sure looked hungry. 13 are not hard to kill as long as you use lots of soulshots. 8 adena a soulshot or 9 is easy price to pay when the mobs drop over 100.

Wander back to Gludio and talk to him again for trial 2.

Part 3) Second Trial

The first trial leads you to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta of the DE guild in Gludin. Save yourself alot of headaches and PORT there, its a LONG walk. Once there she tells you to fight Trimden and Giant Poison Spiders.
I will tell ye this much…Trimden don’t exist and there are no such mob named Giant Poison Spiders so hop back to Gludio (just trust me).
Run to the back of castle Gludio and jump off the land behind it and cross the river. Around there you shall see Arachnid Trackers and Poison Spiders.
Kill one Poison Spider and Five Trackers.

REQUIREMENTS: 1 Scroll of Escape, Map Not Needed, Soulshots Galore.
LOCATION: behind Gludio Castle Across the River.
DANGERS?: How about that big raid boss/monsters in the ring of stones. Level 35? I thought I would stay far away from it.

Scroll of Escape back to Gludio and port back to Gludin. Talk to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta. She will yak on and on about things, all you gotta do is click the "SIGN YOUR NAME" at the bottom. What you have built is a coffin for yourself for when you die. Oh joy go back to Gludio and talk to master…again.

Part 4) VICTORY!

Talk to the master and he will give you a mark to give to the Grand Master and complete your class change. To complete the class change you need to talk to him and find out the class change information. When he prompts you for Assassin information or Palus Knight information click on Palus Knight and click on change profession.

DANGERS?: You are one scary character now, go USE IT! Drain health is your only attack spell for a while, USE IT! I was on a 4 hour rampage with it until the server went down for maintenance.

Words of Wisdom?: Don’t worry about d-grade armor or jewlery unless you are rich right now. GET A FREAKING WEAPON! I borrowed one mil adena from a friend of mine and afforded Duals.

Total time it took me: 1 hour of trying to figure out where to go.
Total time friend took: 20 mins

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