Item Quest Dupe (Lineage 2 screenshots)

1) Do the ol mahum badge quest till you have a large number of badges.
2) Wait for bad item lag (this occurs most on Sieghardt)
3) Use soulshots to find out when the lag is there.
4) While lagging, open the quest NPC’s chat, then close it, and re-open it multiple times.
5) You will crash when the item lag is done.
6) You will reboot having (the amount you were supposed to have, multiplied by how many times you opened NPC).

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2 Man Adena Scam (Lineage 2 Server)

Beware the Trade Scam
This trade scam uses two people. The 1st person sets
up a private store to sell something at a higher than normal
cost. The 2nd person sets up a private store near the
1st person to buy that item that the 1st is selling, but at
a higher cost than what the 1st is selling it for. Heres the
trick though, the 2nd person must not have enough money
to purchase the item.

Example: A player sees a person (#2) who wants the buy a sword
for 100k. That player than sees a person (#1) selling that sword for
80k. The player thinks he can make a quick 20k and buys the sword
from person #1 and then tries to sell it to person #2, but person #2
doesn’t have the money to buy it, so there is no sale. And the scammers
walk off with 80k from a sword that was worth a lot less.

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L2 Cheats: HOT Server crash (Lineage 2 pvp)

Yesterday I tryed to send some Q packets with Hlapex and edited one code, send it and suddenly server started to lagg and after few seconds crashed, I thought that it wasnt my fault… Send it agian and it crashed again )))

So go to dion target Bard Swan (npc) and then send with Hlapex this code:
21710075006500730074005F00610063006300650070007400 3F00710075006500730074005F00690064003D003300360032 0000
Tested on some off servers and some l2j serves find on my own

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After Death item Pickup (Lineage private Servers)

1. Die, sucks doesnt it?

2. (Add Pickup item to your hotkey list) Just as you get ready to go to the nearest Villiage take and spam the pickup button, there is a split second that you are actualy alive in the same spot. I know it’s kind of far stretched but this did work for me once, who knows, maybe just a fluke.

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How To Get A Bow & Dagger – FREE Exploit! (Humans) (Lineage bots)

Hi, I am new to the forum and wanted to submit an exploit with the rest of u.

This is useful for Warrior/Knights (not rogues) class that wants a good Bow and Dagger without spending an adena.

When you reach level 19 and still deciding whether to become a Knight or Warrior, go to mainland – Gludin Village. Talk to Captain Bezique at the west exit of Gludin Village and get the quest to become a Rogue and he will give you Bezique’s Letter. Afterwards take the letter to Neti, who is in the [pet shop] southwest building of the north half of Gludin. She will give you a Neti’s Dagger and a Neti’s Bow.

Now go into your Quests list and simply cancel this quest; you should still have the Neti’s Bow and Dagger in your inventory. And thats it!

You can now [still] become a Warrior or a Knight.

When my friend did this the first time, it didn’t work! But second time round it did, so keep trying…

Neti’s Bow: P. Atk. 46 / M. Atk. 16 (eqv. to Bow of Forest P. 49 / M. 17)
Neti’s Dagger: P. Atk. 19 / M. Atk. 16 (eqv. to Dirk P. 15 / M. 12)
Approx. Cost: 252,000a.

*note: because these are quest items, it can’t be sold or traded; belongs to you and only U.

This topic may have been already been posted here before.

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Get double exp as you level -10% (Lineage 2 pvp videos)

In C5 they nerfed leveling lower charaters with your pets , but now in C5 you can leave your pet to leech while you get exp somewhere else. Just tell party keep an eye on your pet, then run go exp alone. They’ll never know. Make sure pet has food, and if you summons pet youll have to come back to resummons every so often. Keep this on the down low. Also this would really speed up lving on a strider.

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The Ultimate Money Maker For Wizards – Lireins (Lineage ii game)

Want to make 50k adena an hour? I’m sure many of you have seen Wizards kiting Lireins in the western area of Elven Forest. Here’s the deal.

Lireins drop between 130-160 adena per kill but are EXTREMELY slow. You can kite up to 30 of these guys at any one time, and use the Area of Damage skill Flame Strike (acquired at Level 20 by Wizards) to kill all of those Lireins at once! Only 4 hits by flame strike and BOOM, up to 4200 adena drops, and tons of loot. Do this about 12 times an hour and you’re PAID, and you get amazing XP. I highly recommend all Wizards do this EXCLUSIVELY from level 20-level 25. You will get all the money you’ll need, and level up faster than any other profession.

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Swim from DE land to orc land (Lineage 2 chronicle 4)

Ok first of all u dotn even need kiss of eva mayeb ww but thts all.
start swimming toward orc land and after like 4 min the ocean will end but there will still be land to run on keep going abd on the other side of the grand olypaid island it will look like the world ends but it dont jump off the edge and u will land on mroe land and keep going to orc land till the ocean starts again the swim to land it works me and my friend did it.

what i found out about this is that there isnd a grand olyimpaid on that island^^

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Human Wiz to Cleric (Lineage 2 clan crests)

Mystic to Cleric

Who likes Stone Golems!? Even at level one, you have a neato damage spell, wind strike. Kill a few keltirs and do the quest for a map and some sps that you get from a magister in the school of magic. That ll get you started. Now that you have a map, you will see a cool obelisk in the middle of TI. Head there. A bit North along the road, you ll see a field to your west with stone golems and crushers. They are around level 13-15 or so, so if they hit you with their wind strike spell that they have, it might hurt. To avoid this, stay close to them, but not too close to where they can melee you. Remember that using the few mp for that self heal is well worth walking back to the hunting grounds. You ll get the hang of this after a while. Now if you don t like the risky approach, you can also kill keltirs until level 4, and then kill toads near a bridge that is Southwest of TI village. Just follow the road and you ll be lead there. You can also pick up a fun quest for the toads from Warehouse Keeper Wliphrod at level 5. So those are your main two options until level 7. I suggest any drops you get other than adena; you sell to a buyer in town. You ll need the adena at your low level.

Well now you ve hit level seven, your first landmark. At this point you have two hunting options I suggest. #1 Keep with the golems. Get these skills first, Wind Strike level 3+4, then curse:poison, and last but not least, weapon mastery. The rest of the skills you can get in whichever order you wish. I know some of you are thinking, Why not icebolt? Well here s my answer, damage. Icebolt costs the same amount of mp and it slows. Golems are slow enough, so why use the lower damage version, ice bolt, and not the higher damage version, wind strike? So now you have a cool strong wind strike and curse:poison. Poison might not work well until a little higher level, due to the m. def. Of the golems. If you like to try, you can. Basically, you can just wind strike them to death until about level 10 or 11, then poison gets really useful on them. Also at level 10 you can get a quest for the golems. Talk to Magister Harrys for the info. Now that s option one. #2 Kill orcs and werewolves near the Obelisk. Now this plan needs a different approach, these fellas are fast. Skills for this plan go as following: Ice Bolt, Wind Strike, Weapon Mastery, Shield. The rest can be taken as wanted. Shield helps when they do hit you, it ll lower the amount of damage you do. Now since ice bolt slows, You will use the sequence Ice Bolt + Wind Strike + Back off and get distance because they re slowed by the ice bolt + Wind Strike + repeat until dead. You can also get a quest for some money around this time for orcs and werewolves from one of the guards, Gilbert. He will pay you to kill orcs and werewolves. You can do this all the way up to level 14. At some point you might want to do the quest called Spirit of Mirrors, you can find all of the info on the under the quests link.

Congratulations! You re getting somewhere now! Once again, I offer two hunting options around this time. #1 Keep killing golems until level 16 and then head to the mainland and get off this stinking island. TAKE THE BOAT!!! It takes 1/7 the amount of adena and only takes about 30 minutes to ride. Hop aboard and go watch TV. Go to the Gludio Castle Town and then go south to Ruins of Despair(RoD). You can either do the same thing you did at low level with the golems to the zombies there, or you can kill skeletons in the fields out there using the technique that you use on orcs and werewolves shown above. If you go straight to zombies, get the skills wind strike, Vampiric Touch, and weapon mastery first. For skelies, get Ice Bolt, Wind Strike, Vampiric Touch, and then Weapon Mastery skills first. This should last you to level twenty fine. #2 Find a buddy, you ll need him! You can find a fighter buddy that likes Elven Ruins and you two can have a blast in there. There is a cool quest called the sword of solidarity that can get you a nice sword. That is also at If you go this route, get the skills Heal, Battle Heal, and then do whatever. You ll just be his own personal healer. You can group in this manner in RoD sometimes too, if you find a fighter. Well congratulations, this should all get you to level 20 one way or another!

Level 20 Quest-So you want to be a Cleric? I suggest you use the walkthrough posted on in the quests section. This is a perfectly good explanation of the quest, the very one I used.

Equipment- I did not include the equipment for levels 1-20. I do not know your standing point; whether this is an alternate character of yours and you have top no grade (magic clothes + mage staff) or if this is your first character. My suggestion is for weapons is that you go from apprentices wand to Wand of Adept and slowly just increase your weapon as you can. For armor, I suggest you go from apprentices to Feriotic gear to Devotion set (Devotion robes and leather helmet). Those are the guidelines of what you eventually want, but too many factors come into play on by which level you should have this certain gear or stuff like that.

Cleric to Bishop

Well now that you re a healer, you want to have some fun, eh? Well I suggest that you join a clan, because healers are much needed and clans can help you out big time with gear. Also, you should start hunting in abandoned camp (AC). Here is what I did, and it works pretty well. Buy some duals of any kind (the bigger the better) and you can kill stuff there in combat. Also you can use your life drain skill to help with low hp. Heals help a lot too. So you run around AC dualing things to death. If you have high mp, and low hp, you can always use your wind strike and such. At level 21 you should get the quest Vanquish Remnants from Leopold in Gludin. This way you will make more money by hunting in AC. The skills you can get at level 20 are really your call for order. Hunting like this should get you to level 25 in no time (I did it after I got my wisdom teeth pulled, just an FYI : )).

I don t quite know why, but levels 25-30 seem hazy to me. I probably spent time killing Mandoragas near the Execution Grounds (EG) for a bit and then went to EG and killed neers. I mostly remember killing neers around level 30 more though But you can kill almost anything in the Dion area at these levels if you don t venture too far off.

Cruma, Cruma, Cruma Tower (CT). I spent many of my days in Cruma Tower (CT) and it sure paid off. Healers are usually always needed in there, so you find yourself a nice group, turn on the radio, and heal away. Here s the main tip though: Get small groups. If they work right, keep the group small. A group with a level 35 healer, 40 tank, and 40 dd (damage dealer) get almost double experience than a group of 7-9 members that are about level 30-35. Being in CT also helps with adena. Because you don t have to be buying soulshots or spiritshots for your hunting, you can just relax and gain adena. For these levels, when you get new skills, make sure to upgrade your heals first. They will be needed extremely in CT above all other things.

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Run Through Doors (Lineage 2 private)

To enter any area blocked off by a door (has to be a door), you may simply:


1. Go next to the door and stand facing it


2. Run at it using the forward arrow


3. While running ‘reset’


4. Log in

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