Orc Mage Guide To Leveling 1-20 (Lineage 2 skills)

Welcome to the world of Aden. I will be your guide through your travel from level one to twenty. I will help you to become the strongest Orc Mage in Aden by helping you find key quests, shops, and leveling spots. First you should go through the short but very important guide at the beginning of your adventurer. Now go, be guided, quickly beefy green one.

Back? Great, let’s get you started on the road to twenty. First off equip your rod and armor by hitting tab and right clicking on the armor and rod in there. Next go to the bottom right hand of your screen and click on the first button to the left. Go to the actions button under there and put attack, sit and pick up items and heal in your hot bar too the right of your screen. Place them in the following order:

• 1. Attack
• 2. Sit
• 3. Pick up items

To use those just hit the corresponding F key, for attack F1, sit F2 and so on as you get more spells and what not.

Next talk to one of the Priests or Priestess of Fire and get the quest from them to collect fangs. Now leave the building and head out to bash up some Keltirs, your local neighborhood fox looking things. Here is where you have to make a choice, how long to kill the little furry beasts. I recommend killing only Keltirs until level six, though that may seem like a long grind and very repetitive, it’s worth it.

Killing only Keltirs, not young Keltirs or anything else, just the ones named Keltirs insures that you can keep on a steady path to seven without having to sit and heal. Also, by sticking to only Keltirs you get one SP per kill which is the case for anything around there after you hit level two. Since they are such low level it will take more and more kills to level but you will always get one SP so you build up a large SP pool by the time you hit seven. This will allow you to get some nice skills right away once you make it to town.

All right beef stick, get level seven? Good, get your green butt back into the temple and talk to the Priest or Priestess that gave you the quest to collect the fangs. Then talk to Guardian of Flame Vullkus and you will receive 50 SP and a map of Elmore. Leave the temple and follow the road through the gate into the city, wait though, on your immediate left and right are the people who will allow you to learn skills. Stop in on the left to see Perfect Brukuse who will train you. Not much of a decision here, get wind strike and ice bolt.

Leave the building and head to the center of town where you should see a large gazebo like structure with a man name Guide Tanai standing under it. You will use this as a landmark to navigate your way around the town. First off you can talk to the guide for a little info about skills and what not, I recommend doing this though he will repeat some of what I have told you.

Now head Southeast to the weapon store and sell your goods then buy a weapon and armor such as cloth cap and boots. Leave the shop and take a breath, you are about to venture out into the world and get bloody. Run to the North gate and talk to Praetorian Rukain and accept the quest from him and run Northeast off the cliff into the woods below. Here you will find the Kasha wolfs you were sent to slaughter, let the blood bath begin!

Have fifty wolf fangs? Nice, now clean off the blood and fur off your gloves and go Northeast. You will come to a road intersection, go up the hill. In the distance you should see the town and the gate you exited out of. Talk to the guard and you should receive a necklace of courage, repeat the quest until you get a necklace of valor.

Now that you have received your necklace of valor head into the town and to the gazebo structure. Go to the building where you get your skills at but instead of going to the right where Brukuse is go left to see Seer Livina. Talk to her and get the quest from her to hunt goblin grave robbers. After receiving the quest from Seer Livina leave her room and run across towards Brukuse’s room and take a left up the ramp just before his room. Talk to Atuba Chief Varkees at the top of the ramp and accept the quest from him to hunt Rakeclaw Imps.

Now that you have those quests leave town out the South Gate exit and turn left running off the cliff there. Run Northeast until you see rakeclaw imps and goblin grave robbers, both of which will help their companions if they are near when you attacking them. Pick them off until you get fifty goblin heads and return to town and collect your rewards from both Varkees and Livina and repeat until you are level nine or ten.

So green guy, you have hit level ten and are ready for a real challenge? Super because I have the fight just for you. First, if you haven’t already, buy some a new weapon from the store or look for a player selling one.

This is where kiting comes in really for your class. If you would like to learn about kiting, skip to the end of the guide and read kiting 101.

Next go to our good old friend Prefect Brukurse and accept the quest from him to kick some werewolf butt. Now, run out the South Gate and run off the cliff to your left. Follow the road along the Southwest coast on your map until you have passed two left turns. After the second left turn follow the road until about the middle of the hill you are running along. You should see a path leading up the hill, follow it to your new targets, Maraku Wolfmen.

Our new foes are Maraku Wolfmen, nasty evil dog things they are, beware. A little note about the Maraku Wolfmen green one, they will help their brothers so be careful, two can tear you a new poop shoot. As you maim the Maraku Wolfmen you should be get a Maraku Wolfmen Totem every once in a while, these are what you are after, they sell for six hundred Adena.

You can choose to return to town every time you get forty heads or you can just pick up the heads and drop them in the trash can in the bottom right hand cornet of your inventory and keep collecting totems. Do this until you reach fourteen and then get new skills, wind strike and ice bolt being the most important.

All right young cucumber, you have reached fifteen time to make a little cash. First talk to Urutu Chief Hatos, he is located up the ramp near Livina. Get the quest from him and head out to just above the cave of trials. Above the cave of trials is a bridge, directly across from the bridge is a hill, go up to levels of the hill and you will be at the spawn point for the Baranka Messenger. He takes five minutes to spawn after he has been killed so if he isn’t there just wait, he will reappear soon.

Take the message back to Hatos in town and repeat the process two more times. After you have done this all three times you will get what is called “Butcher’s sword or Sword of Butcher”. Yes, I know, a horrible name, more then likely a mistranslation. Take the sword and sell it, this will give you some more cash to get what you need.

The next moneymaking task is to collect Kasha bear Parasites and more Maraku Wolfmen totems. Talk to Seer Tanapi, across from Seer Livina and accept the quest, also get the quest from Brukuse for hunting the Maraku wolfmen. Now if you have some running shoes, or maybe a bike or even a skateboard, get it out, you have some more traveling to do.

Now run to the frozen waterfall on your map and go south off the main road, there you will find Kasha bears and Maraku wolfmen chieftains. Beware that both of these will attack you and will help their kin. Kill them and when you have fifty Parasites you can return to town for five thousand two hundred Adena. If you want to make your return trips shorter, pick up a scroll of escape from the magic shop, those will teleport you to town right away.

Ok jolly green giant, time for the last five levels. You have some choices here, you can go back to killing Maraku Wolfmen and Kasha bears until you hit twenty making money along the way or you can head to the cave of trials and kill what’s in there. Either way, if you get really bored and are ready to leave the island, though I recommend waiting until level twenty, you can talk to Gatekeeper Tamil and teleport to Gludin.

If you want to make your trip even shorter and you happen to have two thousand five hundred to spend then talk to the Gatekeeper there and warp to Gludio.

Too poor? That’s ok, just follow the road out the east gate and use the map to navigate to Gludio. Watch the road on the way because there are monsters along the way that will attack you if you get too close to them. From Gludio run out the East gate and into the river that runs North to South and follow it North until it comes to a bridge. Now remember that river, because you will travel to Gludio many times to get skills and later on better weapons.

Climb out of the water and follow the road to the Y and go North along that road. Stay on that road and watch out for the spiders and Lireins along the way since they will attack you. You will come to a crossroads where you should stop and look for group if you are ready to team.

If you would like to make some cash there is a quest in town for you. Head into town and take a left immediately after you get off the bridge and head into the magic shop. Talk to Trader Herbtien on the right and get the quest to collect spore sacks. Go out of town through the west gate and open your map. On the map to the south you should see Iris Lake, go to the left of there and kill Spore Fungus until you get ten spore sacs. Then return to town and give them to the trader for a reward of two thousand Adena.

You can repeat this quest as much as you want and buy some new armor for yourself. After you have finished farming money head to the crossroads and form a team. Get two tanks around your level by shouting out in the all channel that you are looking.

Once you have formed a team head to the west over the bridge to what is called the Neutral Area, the area between the Dark Elves and the Elf’s. Here you will find Scavenger Wererats and Arachevils and Lyconthropes. The Wererats won’t attack you but the Arachevil and Lycanthropes on the other hand will and the Arachevil has poison, which can be a real pain, make sure you have cure poison 1. Watch out for the Lycanthropes, best just to stay away from them as they hit pretty hard.

All targets are social and after killing so many wererats you may get a wererat chief to spawn with a couple of buddies. I didn’t have enough guts to go see if they attack but lets treat them as if the do. If this place gets too boring for you, you can always head to the elf fortress for levels, though as one Elf I know said, that place is the spawn of all evil.

Well green bean, it’s been one long journey together, and I will miss you and your silent green attitude, but you were a great learner. Welcome to level twenty and enjoy your time in Aden. Don’t forget to go to go home to get your profession change and pick up new skills. See you around and don’t go changing.


So you have chosen the road of a kiter, cool. Now make sure you have learned how to use the camera effectively, such as facing yourself when you start a attack then clicking behind you to start running then hitting the wheel on your mouse to flip around to see what is chasing you. There really isn’t much to kiting, just that you make sure that you only kite creatures that are slower then you. It will take you time to kill all these creatures with kiting, but the SP and XP turn out is great.

Anyway, here is what you can kite to twenty easy.

• Any kind of Bat, very slow and found around dark elf territory and later for higher ones at the ruins below Gludio. When on Elmore, on the orc side you can find them by the forzen waterfall, to the southwest a bit.
• Slugs as I call them, or Mist Leeches as the game names them, can be found in the misty swamp of Cruma Tower. Watch out though, there are mist horror’s in there that will eat you quick.
• Golems, they can be found around the dark elf territory with the bats. When on Elmore, on the orc side you can find them by the forzen waterfall, to the southwest a bit.
• Liriens are excellent prey, very slow moving, found in elf land.
• In general, anything that is slow moving can be kited with efficiency

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