Orc Fighter Lvl 1 – 15 (Lineage top 100)

This guide is for levels 1-15 Orc Fighter.

I tend to see that most websites do not have adequate information regarding Orcs. This can discourage a lot of people when trying out a new character race/class so I am going to help ease the people’s fears of the unknown…

Here is a list, in order, of the skills you need to get. You cannot train until level 5, so don’t worry about it till you’re that level.

Iron Punch 1 – 60 SP
Iron Punch 2 – 60 SP
Relax – 190 SP
Iron Punch 3 – 60 SP
Armor Mastery – 190 SP
Weapon Mastery – 190 SP
Iron Punch 4 – 450 SP
Iron Punch 5 – 450 SP
Iron Punch 6 – 450 SP
Armor Mastery 2 – 700 SP
Armor Mastery 3 – 700 SP
Weapon Mastery – 1400 SP

Levels 1 – 4:
To begin with, you are in 1 of the 2 buildings in the Orc starting town. The first is the Temple of Paagrio. After the first quest, you won’t need to come back here for a while. When you load in, take the quest from the Tokum Priest of Fire or Shela Priestess of Fire in the area.
Orc Tutorial Quest-
Go out and kill crimson cats until you have 4 fangs and return immediately to quest NPC. You will receive a voucher and give it to Guardian of Flame Vullkus at the west end of the area. Reward- Elmore Map.
You should be around level 2 or 3. Proceed out the building and head towards the second building, the Orc Village. You should hunt around the Temple and head towards the rim of the Village killing crimson cats and elder crimson cats. The farther u travel from the building, the harder the monsters will be. At level 4, you should be killing elder crimson cats.

Levels 5 – 6:
Upon receiving level 5, head into the Orc Village toward the north exit and talk to the guard Praetorian Rukain to receive a quest.
Proof of Valor Quest-
Go out and kill Kasha Wolves until you receive 50 Kasha Wolf Fangs. This might seem like a lot, but wolves drop sometimes 2 and you are getting good xp. Once you receive 50 fangs, return to the NPC. Reward- Necklace of Valor (This quest is a must! It is a prerequisite to a later quest).
After receiving that, return to the Kasha wolves and kill them. The exp is good and they spawn very quickly. At level 6, return to the Orc village to pick up another quest. The NPC is located in the main building, in the southern chamber.
Wrath of Ancestors-
Talk to Seer Livina and get the quest. Now return to the Kasha wolf area, but head out farther. You should find goblin grave robbers. They might be a little difficult at first, but continue to kill them. After you get 50 heads, you can either continue to kill them for exp or return and get the quest again. Reward- 1500 Adena.
Kill goblins until you are level 7. Save all the Adena you are getting and do not buy anything. The money will be spent very soon, so you can wait a little.

Levels 7-9:
Upon receiving level 7, continue to kill goblins and also start killing Rakeclaw Imps. They give better exp but are a little harder. Be looking around for people selling ‘Spiked Gloves’. They should sell for around 500 Adena and are better than the first weapon. The path you are taking should be heading towards the cost to the south. As you head down the cost, you might be able to kill Kasha Timber Wolves. Do not take any more quests. The only thing you should be spending your money on is return scrolls when you finish quests. Just continue to exp until you are level 9 and then return to town to start the path making the ‘Real Adena’. Go to Prefect Bruknurse, he is one of the fighter trainers, and get the quest.
Skirmish with Werewolves-
This quest is what will make you the majority of the money, but u have to do it a certain way. Pick up the quest and go to the werewolves. They are located along the shore heading to the south. Head out the south gate and head to the coast and then head south. Once you find the Maraku Werewolves, commence killing! You will receive heads each kill, but u MUST delete them and do not reach the total of 40. You are looking for Totem drops, which sell for 600 Adena a piece and only drop when you are on the quest. Keep deleting the heads and keep killing. You might come upon an ‘Iron Glove’. Keep one and use it and the rest, sell them for around 8 -10k.

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