Orc Fighter Guide Level 1-21 (Lineage 2 game download)

Basically at 1st level and until 4th level, it s just the norm; kill, kill, kill, rinse-repeat.
The only thing that you should buy from 1st to 4th is the 883 Adena weapon. That s it, no armor, nothing else.

At 4th level pick up the quest from Praetorian Rukain at the North exit of Orc Town. Now Warcry has a few things wrong with many of the quests they have posted, and I will write here what I have found. First, this quest is repeatable, but I wouldn’t waste your time. You either get a Necklace of Courage or Valor. It says you need the necklace of Valor to do the 9th level werewolf quest, you don’t. Either necklace will work.

Level 4-9

At 5th level go and get the quest to kill goblin grave robbers from Seer Livina in the Main Orc building, south antechamber. Get the 50 heads from the goblins, return and get 1500 Adena. This quest is repeatable and I would do it all day long. As you level keep doing it and multi-quest it with the other money quests as well.

When you reach 9th level you can get the Werewolf quest from Prefect Brukurse in the North antechamber of the main Orc building. This quest is easy; get the 40 heads, return and get 1200 Adena. This quest is repeatable and, once again, go hog wild with it. When you have the quest active in your quest log and have not yet gotten 40 heads for it, there is a chance of a werewolf totem dropping off the werewolf as well, as the head quest piece. These totems sell for 600 Adena each, and make this quest more than worth it.

Here is another little trick: if you hunt the werewolves in the ‘bowl’ shaped area your chance of the totems dropping is MUCH greater. I did not believe it at first, but having killed the quest monsters three times in the ‘bowl’ and three times out of the bowl the drop rate is much better in the bowl. In the bowl I was averaging between 5 and 8 of the totems (an additional 3000 to 4800 Adena per quest run) as opposed to 1 to 3 totems out of the bowl. Once you are doing the werewolf quest and multi-questing the goblin quest, make sure you buy a scroll of escape each time you leave town. Just makes the trip back faster. So I left town killed 50 goblins and then moved further from town and killed 40 werewolves and then ported back to town and did it again.

Level 10-21

Throughout this process buy nothing, not one thing, just keep going. Also while you will still buy your skills, do not use your styles. Only fight and then use relax when you need to and keep going. Once you have 62K Adena buy your 62K weapon, Fox Nails for example. I had mine at 10th level, and it was easily obtainable at 10th. Now you buy yourself a ton of SoulShots and go to town. Don’t style only use your mana for relax. Once you have your 62K Adena weapon, you can start buying armor, but I would not try and buy the current stuff. It s a waste of money to just have to upgrade before you have bought all of it. Buy the next level up of armor or maybe even the one passed that, one piece at a time, but never spend so much that you don’t have money for SoulShots.

At this point I stopped dual questing with the goblin quest. It was just 15 minutes I didn t want to waste, even if it was 1500 Adena. But at level 11 you get the Darkwing Bat quest from Neruga Chief Tantus (upstairs from the werewolf quest guy). Now you start dual questing the werewolf quest and the Bat quest. Get 70 bat wings and take them back for 3500 Adena, also repeatable.

Quick interjection here. I basically used a SoulShot every time I swung and never used a style, only wasted mana on relax skill. Soloing I could fight about 20 werewolves, rest for 40 seconds, and then kill another 20 and that quest was done. Then I moved over to the Bats (even further from town) and killed them as fast as I could, but the Grizzlies near them aggroed, so often times I was slowed by them. At the end you port back and rinse, repeat again. Every time out I would buy at least 1000 SoulShots, sometimes 2000 depending on my cash flow. Do this until 15th level, at which time you can pick up the Kasha Bear Quest from Seer Tanapi, kill 50 bears get 5200 Adena, yes it is repeatable, and I threw that into my rotation. Basically I never saved money, I spent it all on SoulShots and scrolls of escape, got armor when I felt like it (very rarely) and I killed every red player I saw and got their drops (how I got most of my armor). At worst you die and have to run back, at best you get a 34k Adena drop like I did and it makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. At 19th level you start your Promotion quest (yes 19th, ignore the boards that say 20th).

Basically that was all I did. It wasn’t exciting, there was no exploring, no screwing around, no ‘hey, lets see what s over here.’ I leveled the whole time, I spent all my money, because supposedly money is easier to get later on, and made 21st in, like I said, around 28 hours of play, maybe less. I am going to try this again, actually starting tonight, and I will post any changes right here.

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