Make yourself less likely to be PKed (Lineage 2 serial)

This game has some serious PK issues. The good thing is most are newbies just like most of us. They are not that bright. Here are some things I did that stopped the newbie pks and a few higher level ones from messing with me or the people I was grouped with.

The best thing to do when you first start is to purchase cheap armour off the venders. Get all of it gloves. boots, chest, legs, funny hat is optional since it doesnt show up on all races. Its only like 40 coins or less per peice. The reason for this is that you will look as if you do not have newbie armour on and are there for more experienced. Plus the stuff looks like a higher level armour even though it isnt. Remember the PK can not tell your level except by what your wearing and the weapon you have. This brings me to another point…

The first weapon you should purchase without a doubt should be a bow. Why? PK’s 99% of the time use bows. They can hit and run you. If you have a bow it prevents this as well as makes them think twice about attacking you. I keep mine equiped when im not fighting in order to make them think twice. I also maxed out the bow power shot. **warrior skill** This skill doesnt cost that many points and lets you do alot of dammage on the monsters your fighting before they close in and you use your hand to hand weapon. It also will help in saving others since its next to impossible to chase down something after them with a hand to hand weapon.

I was being attacked in the newbie area at least once every few hours. After I made these changes the attacks not only stoped but the newbie PK’s would not attack anyone else that was fighting in my general area. I would just stop what I was doing and act like I was watching them. Sometimes even follow them a little or give them a warning. This would scare them off.

I guese im mainly saying if you are a newbie you should at least not look like one if you dont want to be pked.

This can also be done with a mage. Purchase the cheaper armour and get the cheapest book instead of using your newbie staff. Trust me it helps keep you safe.

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