Mage’s Tutorial (Lineage 2 hacks)

Mage’s Tutorial

This is a list of the lowest npc lv and hp so its easy for you to kill,
be sure that you have your staff equipped and use a special attack so you lvl

young brown fox
young crimson fox
young red fox

Go and kill Goblins~ until you are lv 6 or just start with killing orcs,
be careful if an other orc is near you he will attack you too if you attack
the other orc.

Orc Archers will now be the best for you if you have increased your Spell Attack lv.
If you are on the way to lv13~14 go and kill baraq orc’s in the elven fortress

First party in elven fortress with same lv guys and kill skeletons|archer… now on lv 18-20
It’s the best to still stay in elven fortress and go depper until you come to the dark horror or
dark terror room( they are about lv 16 )

It’s now easier for you to do the oracle or wizard quest.It’s better to chose wizard if you want to
farm or hunt. Oracle is more for healers… If you finished the quest you can go to the end of the elven
fortress and kill those kirunak’s guards or some similar lv npc’s in this room.

Now you can get Flame Strike lv2 go and hunt lireins better "farm" run around them and try to get about
15+ to follow you, stop sometimes that they still follow and not go away. use flame strike about 3 times and
all will be dead, it could take 4 times if you have sime lirein ribe’s behind you.
For leveling go to Execution Ground and kill the slow npc’s Ghouls…

Now you can go to Death Pass 😀 be sure that you have some Spirithots with you kill those wyrm’s they are slow
and if you always run away they don’t do any dmg on you.


Free Ship Ride
If the ship is about to boarding stand on the side where it is driving to *( ——->[here]) if it starts
driving fast jump on it.

Spawn Where You Died
Dont press on …Nearest Town press on exit or restart and don’t confirm! first press on the buttom to nearest town
and then fast Confirm.

Infinite Breath Under Water
When you are in the water, you will get a blue air bar that starts to decrease, now once it reaches the end, it will slowly
start decreasing you HP Bar, as soon as you HP Bar starts to decrease, goto options and hit "restart". now you will be
taken to the character choosing screen, just choose your same character you were in the water with, now you will notice
you have full air bar again!

Mages Quest (Elf)
Letters of Love(Talking Island Village | Darin)

* 1. Talk to Daring in the center of Talking Island Town and get his letter.

* 2. Give Daring’s letter to Gateskeeper Rapunzel near the church.

* 3. Talk with Daring again to get his receipt.

* 4. Give the receipt to Magister Baulro inside the church and get a potion.

* 5. Give Daring the potion.


Elf’s Tutorial (Elven Village | The Worldtree’S Guard Arkine)

* 1. Talk to one of the Mothr Temps in the area where you start the game under the big tree.

* 2. Kill Keltirs (lvl 1 passive) until you collect 4 Nepitir Fangs in your quest inventory.

* 3. Give the 4 fangs to one of the Mother Temps. They will give you a Leaf Of The Mothertree.

* 4. Take the leaf to Nerupa, she is right there.

* The reward is a World Map and 50 SP.


What Women Want (Elven Village | Arujien)

* 1. Talk to Arujien, who is standing on the western side of the Elven Village. He will give you Arujien’s Letter.

* 2. Talk to Gatekeeper Mintiel on the sotheast edge of town.

* 3. Talk to Trader Herbtien, in the magic show on the west side of town.

* 4. Talk to Arujoien. If you tell him to forget about her, he will give you 450 adena and the quest ends. If you tell him that Greenis may like him, he will give you a
Poetry Book to take to her.

* 5. Give the book to Magister Greenis in the main building, she will take it but reject poor Arujien. She gives you Grennis’s Letter to return to him.

* 6. Return to Arujien with the bad news, and he will give you 5 Beginner’s Potions (healing potions).


Nerupa’s Request (Elven Village | Nerupa)

* 1. Talk to Nerupa who is under the World Tree north of the Elven Village. She will give you Silvery Spidersilk.

* 2. Talk to Trader Unoren in the weapon shop at the north of the village. He will take the silk and give you Uno’s Receipt.

* 3. Talk to Trader Creamees in the magic whot on the west side ot the village. He will take the receipt and give you Cel’s Ticket.

* 4. Talk to Warehouse Keeper Juria in the werehouse on the east side of the village. She will take the ticket, and give you the Nightshade Leaf.

* 5. Give the leaf to Nerupa.

Fruit of the Mothertree (Elven Village | Andellia)

* 1. Talk to Andellria, southeast of the tree in the Elven Village. She will give you Andellria’s Letter.

* 2. Take the letter to Thalya. She can be found by exiting the village to the southeast, following the path across 2 bridges, past the ruins, and around the lakeshore
to the observatory. She will take the letter and give you The Mothertree’s Fruit.

* 3. Return to the village and give the fruit to Andellria.


Wrath of Verdure (Elven Village | Treant Bremec)

* 1. Talk to Bri Mec Tran – one of the tree guardians. He is in the ruins northwest of the Elven Village, leave out the southwest village exit and head northwest

* 2. Hunt Goblin Raiders (lvl 5 passive) and collect Goblin Clubs.

* 3. Return to Bri Mec Tran at any time and turn in the clubs in exchange for Silvery Leaves.

* 4. Sell the leaves for 10a each at a store.

* You can continue to do this quest indefinitely and return with any number of clubs at any time


Skirmish with the Orcs (Elven Village | Sentinel Kendnell)

* 1. Talk to Sentinel Kendell at the southeastern exit of the Elven Village. He will assign you an orc chief to kill.

* 2. Find and kill the assigned chief and retrieve the Kaboo Chief Torc1:

– #1 Kaboo Chief Uoph. Near /loc 21000,41000. Southwest exit to crossing, then north and east.
– #2 Kaboo Chief Kracha. Near /loc 34000,62000. Southwest exit and head south.
– #3 Kaboo Chief Batoh. Near /loc 29000,79000. Near the Elf dungeon.
– #4 Kaboo Chief Tanukia. Near /loc 21000,57000. Soutwest exit to crossroads, look southwest.
* 3. Return to Sentinel Kendell with the torc1. He will assign you another chief to kill.

* 4. Find and kill the assigned chief and retrieve the Kaboo Chief Torc2:

– #5 Kaboo Chief Turel. Near /loc 40000,69000. Southwest exit, head due south and cross the river.
– #6 Kaboo Chief Roko. Near /loc 33000,79000. West of the lake, east of Elven Dungeon.
– #7 Kaboo Chief Kamut. Near /loc 46000,89000. Southeast exit, all the way around the lake to south side.
– #8 Kaboo Chief Murika. Near /loc 57000,77000. Southeast exit, cross 2 bridges, 2nd ruins on left.
* 5. Return to Sentinel Kendell with the torc2.

many more….

Best NoGrade Spellbook

Voodoo Doll
# P.Atk = 25
# M.Atk = 28
# Price = 244,000a

Crucifix of Blessing
# P.Atk = 25
# M.Atk = 28
# Price = 244,000a


Best NoGrade Blunt

# P.Atk = 31
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a

Iron Hammer
# P.Atk = 31
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a


Best NoGrade Bow

Composition Bow
# P.Atk = 64
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a


Best NoGrade Sword

# P.Atk = 31
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a


Best NoGrade Polearm

Long Spear
# P.Atk = 31
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a


Best NoGrade Dagger

Sword Breaker
# P.Atk = 27
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a


Best NoGrade Dual Fist

Viper’s Fang
# P.Atk = 38
# M.Atk = 21
# Price = 244,000a

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