Little Wing Hatchling Quest Guide (Lineage ii Adena)

Basics: Quest that must be completed in order to obtain a pet hatchling. Visit Pet Manager Cooper and tell him that you wish to raise a hatchling as a pet. He will tell you to meet Wiseman Cronos of Hunters Village for aid.

Level: 35
Start: Giran Castle Town
NPC: Pet Manager Cooper
Races: All
Classes: All
Repeatable: Yes
Type: Solo
Reward: One Dragonflute of Wind, Twilight or Star (Level 35 hatchling); 20 hatchling food (see below for details)

1. Go to Giran Castle Town and visit Pet Manager Cooper. In C3, he is located by the Luxury Shop. He will tell you to go to Hunter’s Village and visit Wiseman Cronos, who is located near the Gatekeeper.

2. Wiseman Cronos preaches a bit about raising a hatchling. He tells you to find the fairies in Enchanted Valley who know all about raising hatchlings.


4. Cronos tells you that you must get a fairy stone. There are two kinds: regular and deluxe. The regular one takes fewer items to make. You will receive a list of the following ingredients depending on which stone version you choose:

Regular Fairy Stone
10 Coal
10 Charcoal
1 D-gemstone
10 Toad Lord back skins

Deluxe Fairy Stone
10 Coal
10 Charcoal
1 C-gemstone
1 Stone of Purity
5 Silver nuggets
20 Toad Lord back skins

The “mystery” he speaks of is simply this: you’ll be given fairy dust in exchange for the higher version stone by the fairy. At the end of the quest, turn this in and you’ll get 20 hatchling food.

5. Cronos tells you there is a woman in Dion named Maria who will make the fairy stone for you, once you’ve gathered all the ingredients. Maria can be found in the corner of the Dion Magic Shop.

6. All of the items are easily purchasable except the toad skin. Port to Dion and then go to the Cruma Swamps. Toad Lords hover low in the water and can be found on land. They are usually located in the ring of swamp closest to the tower. At level 36, the Toad Lords are green.

7. When you have collected the skins, go back to Dion and visit Maria who is standing in the corner of the Magic Shop. Have all of the ingredients for the fairy stone in your inventory. Go ahead and click “wait” in the quest box. Basically Maria is putting everything together. She’ll give you either a regular or deluxe fairy stone. For this guide, I chose Deluxe.

8. Take the stone back to Wiseman Cronos in Hunter’s Village. He will tell you to take the completed stone to Guard Byron in Hunter’s Village. He is located near the large entrance to HV (in C3 that is near the Priest of Dawn).

9. Guard Byron will ask to see the Fairy Stone. He tells you the stone will help attract the fairy. You will need to go to the northern part of Enchanted Valley to find the fairy. The actual location is under the first waterfall you come to. But note: Deluxe Stone users will be told they MUST NOT attack anything on the way to see the fairy. Regular users don’t get this message. If you have a Deluxe Stone getting to the fairy will be fine if, once at the waterfall, you don’t pull the attention of the Satyr inside. The fairy is at one of the three waterfall entrances.

10. Take the Gatekeeper to the Northern part of Enchanted Valley. Run down the slope until you come to the entrance to the waterfall. The fairy Mymyu will be there (there are 3 openings).

11. Give her the fairy stone. She gave me fairy dust because I had the deluxe stone. Explain to her what you are doing, then ask her what happened to the drakes and wyverns. She tells you that drakes and wyverns are looking for their stolen eggs. There are five drakes/wyverns mentioned and their approximate locations:

Drake Exarion – west of Oren on top of a mountain
Drake Kalibran – southwest of Oren on top of a mountain
Wyvern Suzet – northwest side of Death Pass near a mountainous region
Wyvern Shamhai – south of Hunter’s Village/low west mountains of Death Pass
Drake Zwov – reservoir east of Lake Iris

12. The fairy gives you a vial of monkshood. For this guide I chose to go for Drake Zwov. Please note the description the fairy gives is lame. It is more accurate to say the drake is located south of Oren. Cross the bridge and follow the river. You cannot access this drake from the Elven Village area.

13. Choose to help find the missing eggs. Now, here is where the Little Wing quest might stray for you. Each drake and wyvern has a location where their stolen eggs must be found. So the next part only applies to Drake Zwov.

I was sent back to Cruma March to kill March Spiders and recover 20 of Drake Zwov’s eggs.…quest13a9ba.jpg

14. After getting the 20 eggs, I went back to Drake Zwov. She says I brought back 21 eggs and that one is not hers. Take it to Fairy Mymyu in Enchanted Valley. I gave her the egg and the fairy dust. She gave me 20 hatchling food and a Dragonflute of Wind.

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11 Responses to Little Wing Hatchling Quest Guide (Lineage ii Adena)

  1. _/KittyKat\_ says:

    I did this at level 42 😛

    Of course — Until then I couldn’t find the dude giving the quest. 🙂 And then it had to be in the laggiest place ever — Giran 🙁

    Anyways.. GREAT help! VERY VERY Good. The quest confused me so much >.< you really spelled it out. Oh, with the regular fairy stone you need 3 silver nuggets as well.


  2. Hades says:

    Just want to say a big Thank-you been 4 years since i did this Quest and totally forgot all about the Details you are a Life savor. 🙂

  3. OrochiKenpachi says:

    hi^^ where do i get the materials im kinda noob, i started 2days ago (im lvl62^^) i have all the pet… the only one missing is the hatchlingxD
    i dont know where to get the materials =/ i only have the gmstone i miss the rest…

    can u help me with that?

  4. funky says:

    i did it, but when will it be big?

  5. Kormak says:

    Very good help thx!
    Orochi if you’re level 62 it shouldt be a problem for you to get the mats… any way, the easiest is to buy them to other players…

  6. Z3R0 says:

    where can i buy thoose matiriels???????????

  7. Dame Angarad says:

    Very helpful, thanks. Now I’m gonna make some hatchlings for my clan (the dudes are fine, they helped me a lot and I owe them that).

    How do we make the hatching a strider?

  8. Diver says:

    The hatchling turns into a Stryder when it hits lvl 55.

  9. rocnogu says:

    10x man .
    by the way – its random Dragonflute . i got star .

  10. Zoey says:

    You have a typo in the last part of the quest.
    The monster you need to hunt are Marsh Spider and the place is Cruma Marshlands.
    They are in the north-east part of Cruma Marshlands, near the “wer” letters in “Cruma Tower” in the map.

    Thanks for the guide.

  11. Jemcrystal says:

    This was a very nice guide I just wish the picture links were not broke. Try using Photobucket next time and don’t move your pics around.

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