L2Walker Settings



Other Ctrl – Responsible for saving(.Save.) or loading(.Read.) past configurations.

Saving Characters Profiles. (.Save.)
By default, eL2Walker will create a profile of your current character in play. For example, If I had a character named “Wizzy1” and I entered the world, I would find “Wizzy1.INI” in the .Save. list… Lets say you made a change to Wizzy1’s settings in eL2Walker, it will not save automatically. You must save by selecting “Wizzy1.INI” in the .Save. list, then click .Save.

Opening Characters Profiles. (.Read.)
Lets say I quit Lineage 2 and re-entered with Wizzy1, no profiles would be selected by default… All I would need to do is find Wizzy.INI in the .Read. list, then click .Read.

Starting Combat (.START/.STOP Combat.)
This is a toggle button, once it says “.STOP Combat.” it is currently running. When this says .START Combat. your character will not engage in combat… The End key on your keyboard can quickly toggle this without having to press the home key first.

Automated Tasks (.START/.STOP/.Stop Auto Fun.)
This is also a toggle button, it is responsible for auto fishing, auto buffing, and most importantly moving in a radius and following PathPoints. I’m guessing when it says “.Stop Auto Fun.” in lower case letters-it’s reminding you have not saved since altering settings. The Insert key on your keyboard can quickly toggle this without having to press the home key first.

Force Exit (Ctrl+Q)
It closes Lineage2 without a prompt. The quick keys for this is: (Ctrl+Q).. If you use this, it will pause about 10-15 seconds then the server will notice you are no longer there, and log you out-in battle or not. If you have alot of health… THIS IS YOUR FRIEND!

Basic Options – Sets Logout/Login times, autoFishing, autoDelevel, autoMakeitem…

Heal Options – Tells character when to sit/stand, what time to use healing pots, cure abnormities.

This handy feature means when the health/MP of your character falls beneath this __% it will sit. (/sit command) If you set the % too low, you run a high risk of killing your character. If you do have it around 40% make sure you have healing potions to back it up. If you are a mystic make sure to sit around 20% MP any lower and you run a risk of depleting your MP while in battle from — (more than one mob, and healing yourself)

Tells the character to stand at a certain point. If you are dependent of MP check the box next to MP in the stand section. Set HP to 99% Set MP to 100%. Oce they have reached that % they will stand up and continue combat automatically.

HP|MP Protect
Usefull tool If you got money, and you dont want to spend time sitting. At higher levels you should Always have healing potion, and this checked. If there are alot of assissting monsters nearby, set it 20% lower than your sit %(NO LOWER THAN 30%). I set the time to reuse to 14 seconds, since a normal healing potion lasts 15 seconds. Also make sure use in combat is checked.
Lets say you have several kinds of healing potions, you can manually enter it in at a certain % just like the one above. Make sure to uncheck “Use pots.” if this one is checked.

Abnormity Buffs
Self explanatory… Make sure your antidote you carry cures the level of poison, otherwise you will use your antidote over and over…. Using up all your antidotes.

Buffs – Self buffs ONLY

Buff Skills
This section of buffing only counts to yourself. Just like the example above, If I want Battle Roar to be one of my automated buffs I do the following. Check Buff skill1, Select the skill you wish to use in the list (will be different depending on classes)

Auto Detect
Detects if buff is still enabled, If not, it casts the selected spell/ability.

In Fight
If checked, it will use selected skill while in battle.

If auto detect is unchecked, it will use the skill at a specific time. The delay is in seconds… (Sorry, I’m not counting for you)

If MP is lower than this amount, It will refuse to cast. This is in amount, not %.

Other Heal – Seeding, Soul Crystal, Auto Sweep.


Pathing – Don’t copy these numbers, they are just examples for the text below.

Never set it on this setting, this means it will attack the closest mob. So, there is no restrictions, nor any guidelines.

Combat Begin Point Is Center Point
Not as bad as Rand, but it will search for a monster within the radius. On this screen capture the distance is 1500. I would not recemmend this setting. (about 2x the range of wind blast)

Center Point
Great setting if you want to stay in a certain place. Will only target mobs INSIDE the center point. To find your current position, click .Cur. or enter it in manually with the /loc command. Then enter how far you wish to go from the center point in the radius. If you use this setting, set it to 5000, Any further than that and you wont be able to target a monster on the otherside.

This is for advanced users, mostly for people who leave it on over night. You need to have 3 or more points, whatever is inside those points, you will target, anything outside of those points-you will not target. (good for non round enclosed rooms)

Best setting for all users, who hunt outside. It will create waypoints for your character to follow. If a monster is in range of the point, It will attack it. If not, it will search for another inside the point, if fails-It continues to the next PathPoint.

Z Limit
Geometry caught up to you? If you don’t remember, or don’t know it means Up or Down. Z Limit tells the character not to attack anything thats Above or below its current Z. (good if you are hunting in cliff-side areas)

Close PathPoint(Round)
You have a choice of having your Pathpoints squarish or spherish… Since being stuck in a corner is a bad thing, you may want this checked. I’d recommend it.

No Mons, Move With PathPoint
If it can’t find any monsters in the current pathpoint, it will automatically move to the next one. I’d recommend this checked.

Just like siting, If it can’t find any monsters in the Pathpoint, it will sit. Soon as one respawns-It will stand. You can set it to a specific location, by checking sleep point, and adding the point, by clicking .Cur…. Not recommended. Why you say? It looks very obvious if another player is watching you.

Not Attack Mon Out Of Range
Meaning if you arn’t in range of your attack, it will not target. Keep this unchecked unless you have 10,000 PathPoints with different values. 1,000 If your a ranged attacker. Because monsters don’t spawn in the same location everytime.

Adding PathPoints
When you found the location you wish to bot, click .CurPos.. Radii(Radius) will be left blank, if you are non-ranged set the radius to 2500. Ranged to 3000. Then click .Add… Your character will go through the PathPoints top to bottom, then jumps back to the top. So make sure you have a route back to Point #1 (dont have to worry about that in a open area.) If you want to see the area the PathPoints cover, click on map. The range will be outlined in red. Bold red means that is your current PathPoint you are seaching for monsters in.

Adding Ranges
Think about 4 points on a average square, everything inside that square is the area you will attack, and those 4 points would be the range amounts. Everything outside of the area will be ignored. The radii(Radius) amount is irelevant, this amount does not do anything as far as I can see-so leave it blank(please correct me if I’m wrong). But remember, Its PathPoints OR Ranges-having range amounts will nullify Pathpoints.


Far/Short Attacks
You should check Use Far Setting if you plan to use a long ranged skill, or ability every attack. As you see the image above, I have no far setting, because dwarfs don’t have long ranged attacks. So all I did was uncheck “Use Far Setting”. So It would go directly to the short attacks. I recommend melee settings always checked for short ranged characters.

Far Attacks
When Target Is in ___ To Melee
This is telling the character to use the skills below only if in range. Lets say I wanted to cast wind strike at monsters, and I set the range to 300. Even though wind strike has a much further range than 300, it would have to walk to a distance of 300 of its target to cast its spell. Make sure to set this value at the same distance of your initail long range skill/ability.

Short Attacks
When Target is ___ Near
Works exactly like Far setting, It will not attack target untill it is in range. (50 in this case) I set this value really low, because If it is too high your character will attack too soon, getting stuck in trees and rocks. If you are attacking a archer, that could mean death. This value should be no higher than 100 if used alone.

Equip Weap
When the character is in range of the monster, It will equip the items selected. If these are left unchecked it won’t change its equiped weapon.

Lets say I wanted to stun a mob when my life was getting low, I would set my skill to stun attack. I wanted to use the skill when I was 75% health, and I didn’t care what my mp was so I set that to 0%. Since 75% is when I sit, I would then sit right after killing the mob.

Use a skill when target has more than value of health. This is not a percent.

Use a skill when target has less than value of health. Good thing to have checked if you have anything with overhit. For example: Power Hit @ 25. Remember 25 hp, not 25%.

If you have party protect checked, It will use this skill when something attacks that specific party member.

This skill is used when you have more than one mob around you. (it doesn’t have to be attacking you) Lets say I was in the middle of attacking 2 mobs, and one spawn aside me, I have my value set to 3, my range set to 100, my skill Wild Sweep, I then would use my skill because there is 3 mobs in a 100 radius of my character.

Repeat means, after a skill is recharged it will use it again. If it is unchecked it will use it once to every mob. Lets say there are 2 mobs attacking your party protected member, ultimately, Skill4 was triggered, and you dont have repeat checked… It would use the skill(kills the mob), moves to the next mob and use the skill. Once per trigger-thats what that means. You might want this unchecked because of mp useage.

Mons Setting

This will search the database of your L2Walker, depending on how new it is, you should find all the mobs you are now looking at. Once typing in your desired mob, click (.Find.) Remember this, it must exaclty how it apears in-game, otherwise it won’t find it (capital letters must be correct.)

ATK Type
Pretty self explanatory… Not Attack(Will not attack Mob), Attack(Will attack Mob), Attack Alone(Will only attack if there are no assissting mobs near). I found attack alone to be pretty unreliable. I don’t recommend it.

Auto Sweep/Spoil
Enables/Disables on a specific mob. First it will check if it is enabled in Basic>>Other Heal>>Dwarf. If it is disabled this feature is too.

By default all of them are on low. meaning the closest mob gets targeted/attacked. First it will check for high priority, then medium, then low-if it can’t find any, it will move to the next PathPoint and try again.

Don’t change this…

If the mob is aggro make sure this is checked, if the mob is not aggro make sure it is unchecked.

If the mob has a group check this, if there is no mob group uncheck this.

Don’t mess with this ^^

All sets the same
DON’T PRESS THIS BUTTON, IF YOU DID DON’T SAVE! If you do your character won’t know the difference from a raid boss or aggro mobs (or vise-versa depending on the setting entered.)

Not Attack Great to Self
If my current level was 20, and this amount was set to 2. I would not attack anything above the level of 22. (unless attacked first)

Not Attack Less to Self
Now lets say I didn’t want to attack anything dark blue, I would set this value to 7.

Attack Aggros First
Check this, means it will attack monsters with initiative first.

Grab Player Mons
Basicly KS’s other players monsters. Great way to get banned. LEAVE THIS UNCHECKED!

Items Setting

Pets Setting


GM Strategy

Other Player

Names Setting

AI Answer


Sound Alerts



Chat Setting

NPC – Toggles NPC players, ie: non-player shop
MON – Toggles monster names on your map.
Player – Toggles Player names on your map.
Item – Toggles Item names on your map.
CombatRange – (Red Circles – If you only have PathPoints)(Blue Lines – If you have Ranges)
Buy – Shows player buy shops.
Sell – Shows player sell shops.
Creation – Shows player creation shops.
RealMap – If you download the map addition you will see your current location at a overhead shot. If you don’t have the map addition, it won’t do anything.
Path Point – I don’t know what this changes…
Scale: – Zoom in (move slider to the left…) Zoom out (move slider to the right…)
Z Range __ – If a monster is beyond certain height, or below a certain level from your current height, it won’t show up on the map. (Good for places like Garden of Eva)
Square Key
Red – Your current location.
Pink – Selected object.
Blue – Player.
Green – Monster.
Yellow – Items.


Script Run
Runs the selected script, won’t end the script untill paused, stoped, or finished.

Haults the script, untill unpaused. Even when paused the character will try to complete its current task, only when the nexts comes along it won’t go any further…
Code: ‹ Select › ‹ Expand ›
1: POSINRANGE(115311,-177742,-912,1000)
2: {
3: DELAY(100)
4: MOVETO(115073,-176808,-800)
6: EXIT()
7: }
Lets say I paused it when I was at line 4… It would finish moving there, and then pause, rather than attacking a NPC.

Quits script, meaning when you start it again, it going to go to line 1, down.

Script Make
Script Commands
//Goes to town upon death

//If you want to say something in general chat. (This function can’t be used for pm’s)

//Jumps to a CALL(TEXT) where the text inside the brackets is the same.

//Jumpst to a LABEL(TEXT) where the text inside the brackets is the same.

//Marks a position for the use of a call.

x = milliseconds
//Waits to continue the script.

x = milliseconds
//Pauses the script.

//Exits script.

//Uses a item

//Buys one item.

//Buys more than one item at a time. You can buy as many items as wanted there is no limit.

//Saves item into Warehouse

//Saves more than one item into Warehouse

//Takes item out of Warehouse

//Takes items out of Warehouse

NPC Interaction
//Selects an NPC.

//Starts dialogue with an NPC.

//Selects a dialogue option [ex: DLGSEL(Buy)]

PC (Player Character) Interaction
x = 0 Sit
x = 1 Stand

//Starts to fight (Just like clicking Start Combat)

//Stops to fight

If Commands All If Commands contain ({}) if the expectaions of the “If Command” is met, it will activate the script within ({})
CharStatus([CHP|CMP|HP|MP|WEIGHT|LV|SP|RACE|STAND],[>=|>|==|!=|<|<=],num) { } CHP = Characters HP. CMP = Characters MP. HP = HP (%) MP = MP (%) WEIGHT = Characters weight count. (%) LV = Gets level. SP = Skill point count. RACE = The race of your character. STAND = Checks if your sitting or standing ...,==,0) Sit ...,==,1) Stand PosInRange(x,y,z,range) { } //Checks to see that your inside the range and enables the script within the brackets ({}) PosOutRange(x,y,z,range) { } //Checks to see that your outside the range and enables the script within the brackets ({}) ITEMCOUNT(ItemName[ID=#],<,1) { } //Counts the ammount of an item and if it satisfies the <, >, = it enables script withing the brackets ({})

//Checks if there is a string in a dialogue. Anything in ({}) is enabled.


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