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Note from the Author:
It’s free

Why Free?

Why L2Divine is FREE? When I start this project, I did’t plan for commercial purpose. If you like it and want to support me. You can whether donate or help this project.
Contributed to the L2Divine project

This project has many part that not complete since I develop it by myself. So if you are interesting to help me I very welcome you to join my team.

See what jobs are you interesting.

* Java/C# Developer
* Virtual map creator
* Documentor
* Moderator

The Features

L2Divine is now second major version. Version 7.x (code name “Kamael”) for CT1-The Kamael and Version 6.x (code name “Akamanah”) for Interlude.
What is new?

The following list are the only hightlight of version improvement.
– Support for Kamael PTS

– Buff vs Herb replacement
– Unable to trading with some NPC

– In Game mode

– Quest Information
– Support for Private Server
– Bug fixed on version 6.2.6

– Messaging Control
– Gambit Enable/Disable
– Bug fixed : Unexpect delay time when battle

– Logout when item run out and server will coming to down
– Show skill guage
– Using shot with heal
– Bug fixed : Gustin server not in list for Thailand
– Bug fixed : Bot not sleep linked mob
– Bug fixed : Screen not fit with windows xp

– New language for Chinese, Japanese and Thai

– Fishing
– Sowing & Harvesting
– Auto remove death penalty
– Improve Player, NPC, Mob, Summon and Pet movement

– Pet
– Summon
– Improve battle speed

– Auto trading in combat
– Synchronize login when auto create account
– Improve follower movement

– New battle mode for lore monster to battle area
– Gambit heal with priority and detection type
– Gambit buff with priority and detection type
– New logoff feature
– Multiple hunting area
– Auto Package Sell
– Balloon Message Alert
– New catacomb and necropolis map


For the first time I played Lineage II (L2) was in Dec 2005, when L2 was still in period Chroronicle 3 (C3). The game is harder than other mmorpg with following reasons:

* Your character will grow very slow after level 60 because each level consume a lot of EXP
* You can’t play alone because monster is very strong.
* Rare item dropping percentage is very low.

For a short time, I became boring and started looking for a bot. At that time only 2 bots are available and there are for commercial use. But their features are not adequate. I need more to make me play this game easier. That why I think to create my owns.Therefore,I stop playing lineage2 and 2 Week later L2Divine project was started. I develop it as my after work project. (2 hrs/day). And it finish in 8 months later.
Is L2Divine opensource project?

Unfortunately, L2Divine is not opensource project because someone might use it inappropriate way. But you can request new features or suggestions. If it’s cool, it will be in next version. You can submit your request in Feature Request forum

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  1. Ivan says:

    Where to download fulll?? Some rumors as it said need to paid?Can u just mail me the bot program??

  2. ace says:

    where is the full download?

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