Newest version of L2 Walker

The lastest versions of L2 walker can be found here:

Here is the free version:

click cancel if asked to install language packs

a guide can be found here:

Edit by Admin: if you want to use the guide below you have to use this bot: WalkerIG166.rar ( 1.36mb )

The steps for it are as follows.

1. Download the bot to your desktop

2. Extract all of the contents to your desired location (No need to make a new folder, as all of them are in a folder within the zip!)
*This requires winrar to extract, you can find it at *

3. Go to your hosts file located at C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\ and open it with notepad.

4. Paste the following onto the bottom of the document:

5. Go back to the folder where you extracted all of the files and open up L2W_All.exe

6. It should say 5001 on the bottom, click start.

7. Open up L2walker now, and click on the folder icon, and locate L2.exe (should be something like C:\Program Files\Lineage 2\System\L2.exe)

8. Click run and the game should start.

9. Once in game, hit alt+enter to make it into a window, and hit the HOME key to open up another window over it where you config the bot!

10. Happy walking.

26 Responses to Newest version of L2 Walker

  1. bob says:

    hey on the new version of walker its saying i need an account and pass? and when i open walker it doesnt have a file open button on it.

  2. kekaye says:

    can i use this new version in L2-SEA..?

  3. lozlor says:

    he can i use this new version for l2 sea?

  4. vdoinov says:

    Is there a IG walker for C5 or interlude?

  5. Sickness says:

    I have same question is there Walker for C5 or Interlude ?

  6. zumaskitot says:

    pls email me how to work IG it is free or need a code? i want free bot OGG is free but it didnt work to attack for SEA .. thx

  7. ntalikerhs says:

    Man i have l2interlude and when i start the game with the walker it wrtes me an error for a hacking tool.Plz help me

  8. adiytzu says:

    at step 4 were i past the documents in host?

  9. Snap says:

    want to use l2 walker for kamuel have problems or not ?

  10. chris says:

    How do i get past the lineage2.exe file being to large and what are the passwords to register the program

  11. rg says:

    el2walker 2.09 for L2J wont start combat… anyboby know how? tnx..

  12. anubis says:

    hi ist ein walker fur lineage-c5 ?
    i want walker for lineage-c5 ? its real ?

  13. Shabun says:

    why i cant start boting?
    1st they say File size error,
    and i can fix it by using IGW 2.09b
    but when the game start, i cant run the bot.
    it say verify fail…
    what should i do…
    i was change host file like above
    help help

  14. Trick21 says:

    Ok im tryin to play on a private server. How do i find the LoginServerIP, LoginServerPort and ProtocolVersion

  15. kotel says:

    worked on gracia final?

  16. RoronoaZoro says:

    just asking i installed the game to d:\program files but is a lineage 2 pts server and i tried hundreds of time i cant c the icons for l2.exe :@ help out!!!

  17. RoronoaZoro says:

    o forgot to say is a gracia final Does L2walker still work??

  18. RoronoaZoro says:

    the lineage folder don thave l2.exe so i have downloaded the l2.exe put it in system still dont work :S:S can anybody help?? gracia final too

  19. L2Exotica says:

    ust press start > run and write cmd. (on Vista write at the start’s search ‘cmd’)

    Then open your L2 client and login to the login server or login in to the game.
    Then write to your command line netstat

    The command shows all the in-out going connections from your PC.
    Look for all IPs with the port 2106 or 7777 ( i alredy seen a server that uses the 2206 port for the login server so servers could have modificated this).

  20. crazybull says:

    im not a professional but here’s how it worked for me
    open the L2.exe then login…
    after login… go to cmd (command prompt)
    type netstat -n it will show all the incoming and outgoing connection…
    search for like 127 or 85 at the start of the ip server…
    thats your lineage ip server address… hope it helps….
    then copy it to your hosts file

  21. Gatz says:

    How do i get past the lineage2.exe file being to large and what are the passwords to register the program

  22. Rofl007 says:

    It works on L2 Freya??

  23. kwstas says:

    at step 5 i dont have L2W-exe.. what u call it..
    where do i go?

  24. Juan says:

    Someone knows the walker ig for GRACIA FINAL, the atk or combat doesnt begin in none.
    I get into the server but nothing work, I see maps, inv, etc, but it doesnt begin to combar or atk.
    Please help us!

  25. salaa says:

    is this interlude walker?

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