L2 Walker Script Dictionary (Lineage private Server)

Are you playing on a server that isnt the official one (or even is) and you would like to make yourself some scripts to ease your grinding ? Well, look no further, this simple and short basic guide will instruct you how to make some simple scripts (I really don’t have time to make a long one)

How to make a script:
1. You will need L2Walker
2. You will need notepad and the file extension must be .sec (ie: script.sec)
3. The File must be saved as: unicode (File|Save As| Encoding: Unicode)
4. Read this msg to learn about commands.

Scripting Rules/Guidelines:
— A script instruction must occupy a line.
— () front is the instructionname(no spaces) between commands and parenthesis. IE: MOVETO(x,y,z)
— () The center is the instruction parameter
— Must save file in Unicode format!
— IDs to obtain Item IDs, just go on this or this page. Enter your wanted item and you get ID of them. IE: Want Sword of Valhalla Blade, enter this to one of pages and result:
— Condition judgment instruction,If judges correct executes the next instruction or under with {}the center instruction,
— Otherwise can jump over to the next instruction under or jumps over continuing on with the script.


Moves to x,Y,Z. You can check your posistion by clicking: SETUP | OPTION – Pathing | .Cur

Chooses NPC. Can select an NPC within the field of range. Noticed that you can select them even if you don’t use ID. IE: NPCSEL(Sovin)

With NPC dialogue. Opens up the dialog the NPC has.

Example: USESKILL(Battle Heal, PLAYER, SE)
Note: It doesn’t require ID’s

How it works: Disables/Enables feaures except the script function within L2Walker. Things like auto buff, auto follow, auto fish would quit working if disabled.

How it works: Your character will aimlessly attack the nearest monster, no matter how far the radii is.

How it works: First monster attacked is the central point. Anything outside the radii would not be attacked. Disables all other kinds of ranges.

Set(RANGETYPE, DEFPOS, x, y, z, radii)
How it works: Pre-sets the central point with radii. Anything outside the radii would not be attacked. Disables all other kinds of ranges.

How it works: Uses Ranges. Disables all other kinds of ranges.

Set(DEFRANGE, ADD, x, y, z)
How it works: Adds another Range Point to a specific location.

How it works: Clears all added Ranges.

How it works: Uses Paths. Disables all other kinds of ranges.

Set(DEFPATH, ADD, x, y, z, radii)
How it works: Adds another Range Point to a specific location.

How it works: Clears all added Paths.

Set(MON, ATTACK|NOATTACK|ATTACK ONE, Name [ ID=n ]; Name1 [ ID=n ]; |*)
How it works: Seems to crash L2Walker everytime its used. It might REQUIRE ID numbers unlike the rest.

Set(ITEM, PICK|NOPICK|SAVE, Name [ ID=n ]; Name1 [ ID=n ]; |*)

Dialogue choice. Look for certain words in dialog and select.

Return to nearest town on death.

Speaks generally. Anyone in game can view.

Outside hangs the prompt, Only you can see.

Uses the stage prop. ID is not required.

BuyItem(name [ ID=x ],Quantity)
Purchase goods. ID is required.

SellItem(name [ ID=x ],Quantity)
Sell goods. ID is required.

SaveItem(name [ ID=x ],Quantity)

No Clue what this is used for.

LoadItem(name [ ID=x ],Quantity)
No Clue what this is used for.

The character stands or sits down

StrInDlg(dialogue writing)
Judges in the NPC dialogue dialog box whether has the writing which assigns

StrNotInDlg (dialogue writing)
Judges in the NPC dialogue dialog box whether it doesn’t have assigned writing

CharStatus([ CHP|CMP|HP|MP|WEIGHT|LV|SP|RACE|STAND ],[ >=|>|==|!=|<|<=],Num)
Character condition judgment.
HP,MP,WEIGHT: is a percentage
CHP,CMP: Health current actual value
WEIGHT: is carries a heavy load the percentage
LV: Your Level
RACE: manner race (human=0, Demon=1,Dark Elf=2, Elf=3, Dwarf=4)
STAND:STAND==1 is standing and STAND==0 is sitting

Examines the character current coordinates whether by x,Y,Z is central point range is in the radius center of a circle

Examines the character current coordinates whether by x,Y,Z is central point range is outside the radius center of a circle

ItemCount(name[ID=x],* ,Count)
>= Greater than or equal to
> Greater than
== Equal to
!= Does not equal
< Less than
<= Less than or equal to
Assigns the name or the ID stage prop quantity compared with thecharacter body on whether does satisfy the condition

Transfers the LABEL marking the label address execution,Carries out returns, Must have to have the RETURN instruction

useskill (name[ID=x]) —> Something isn’t working here.

Jumps changes to the LABEL marking the label address execution


When CALL transfer must use this to return

Conclusion script movement

Retards x millisecond

Pause the Script

Definition Zone,Uses for JMP or CALL

The establishment commencing of action or stops fighting

Well, this is pretty much it, I can give you some of my scripts I found the most useful on other servers (C3/C4 without auto SSx/BSSx)

USEITEM(Blessed Spiritshot: C Grade[ID=3949])

USEITEM(Soulshot: C-grade[ID=1464])

USEITEM(Blessed Spiritshot: B Grade[ID=3950])

USEITEM(Soulshot: B-grade[ID=1465])

USEITEM(Blessed Spiritshot: A Grade[ID=3951])

USEITEM(Soulshot: A-grade[ID=1466])

USEITEM(Blessed Spiritshot: S Grade[ID=3952])

USEITEM(Soulshot: S-grade[ID=1467])

And then for example you need both SSC and BSSC auto use:

USEITEM(Soulshot: C-grade[ID=1464])
USEITEM(Blessed Spiritshot: C Grade[ID=3949])

No, there isn’t any mistake in the code, its just that when an action is completed (BSSC use) you have to JMP to the other, thus JMP(SSC) and so on completing the circle

If all else fails try The MMORPG Exchange L2 Adena . MMORPG-Exchange has supplied me for years and they have great customer service and 24/7 instant delivery.
Lineage 2 Adena.

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18 Responses to L2 Walker Script Dictionary (Lineage private Server)

  1. xZoleekax says:

    Hi 🙂 Good description, too. BTW LoadItem needs when u pick up something from warehouse, and SaveItem needs when u deposit an item. Anyway i made a script… to deposit 100 greater cp potions and pick up 800 soul ore to/from wh. But the npcsel doesn\’t works at all times :S i copy a little from it… dunno what could be the problem :s but when i manually select the npc, the script continues automatically :s
    DELAY (1000)
    DLGSEL(Store an item (Private warehouse))
    ITEMCOUNT(Greater CP Potion[ID=5592],>=,90)
    SaveItem(Greater CP Potion[ID=5592],100)
    I hope somene could say something abut this problem ^^

  2. Matt says:

    yeah heyy I was wondering, I am on a private server where bot-like stations that buff people is allowed, but I want to have a jolly dancing “buff station” so how do you get them all to do /socialdance or something like that every 5 seconds.. thx:P

  3. NAVY says:

    I wanna know how to write a script to get a Buff from npc clan hall?
    I wanna know, what’s a script code to use with a teleport box in the clan hall?

    Somebody help me please!!!!!!

  4. ioannis says:

    i wanna know how to make a script to make ssa/sss/ssb/bsss/bssa/bssb and when the are already finish seproduce again.haw do a crafter goes alone to the wh and pick up crys s/a/b and spirit ore @ soul ore and go buck to his place and keep selling the same time all together.
    please i need your helr

  5. Alin says:

    Sup yea … I play on Retail and i was just wandering if I could add to my script soe after 1 hour … made it soe when less then 400 ss or 10 hp pots , also when he dies … go to buff and shop also extract ss from wh and tele back to fight … but i would be nice to soe when no buffs 😀

  6. necro says:

    question is there a script that i can use to invite my pp every 20 mins to buff holy wep and zerk

  7. nick says:

    is there a way to make a script when i die my buffer use brez to me i tried allow item use but doesnt do nothing its probably for simple rez thnx

  8. ketil says:

    is it possible to make the bot check daytime?

    for fishing, it needs daytime for some lures, and night time for other lures…

    mail me if u can find a solution plz 🙂

  9. Nyada says:

    does anyone have a sample script for setting up a /dwarvenmanufacture shop script, for oog, that they could post or email me please. Thank you!

  10. Mats_Mania! says:

    Hi! Can you make me an L2walker script in crypts of disgrace quest…

    Hunt a specific mob/s (180/180) then trade the quest items to the NPC then hunt again the mobs and so on, so forth…

    can you actually do that?

    please email me a script on this. I hope you are up for the challenge, thanks a lot!

  11. petar says:

    how do u make 1 char start attacking nearest monster and keep attacking until die?

  12. unformat says:

    Hey there, is anyone that knows how to use script commands to feed sin eater in L2? Thank you in advance!

  13. porno says:

    Good observation, Ghettodefender!

    And I think any American city would be just as risky, so that it was Chicago is beside the point, imo.


  14. Stijn says:

    CALL(USE) has no point in your scripts

    USEFORCESKILL(name [ID=x], SELF|PLAYER|PARTY|NPC|PET, Target) to attack guards

  15. bounty says:

    how to use Beast Soulshot Compress Pakage ?

  16. jembo says:

    hy…help me plisss…

    make me script for dreammy fild……


  17. darksun says:

    I need a script that one person kill 20 standing beside him, the characters, and then resurrected them, and so on a circle, all my characters, so stuff PK!

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