L2 Nude Patch

This patch is crazy, and no it dosn’t work with men. Make sure you install the Panty patch first!

Install in the correct locations.

Nude Patch (folder -> file)
System -> armorgrp.txt
System -> chargrp.txt
SysTextures -> Nude.utx

Make sure you save the old files if you ever want to go back.

Get the Patch Here

Working Chronicle 2 Nude Patch Version 1

Copy Naked.utx in:
Lineage II/SysTextures folder

Copy and overwrite chargrp.txt in:
Lineage II/System folder

Make sure you backup original files.

22 Responses to L2 Nude Patch

  1. cj says:

    where can i get the panty patch can u post it up please

  2. fucduck says:

    Where can i get the nude patch for interlude

  3. mitsaras says:

    where i can find the panty patch?

  4. M@GIC IS D@ BE$T! says:


  5. Oxs says:

    can you give me a nude patch??i try to do the instructions but i don’t have panty patch???Please give me..hehehe…
    I want to see my character naked wahahaha!!reply asap!

  6. lukav says:

    What is the Url for the panty patch? Should be a link for it here along with the nude patch. Please email me the panty patch.

  7. pookiepie says:


    Is where you get all patches and all..

    To answer, if GM sees you nothing happens. Why? Because it’s legal. It’s just modding the armor/char group. It’s not seen as a hack. Same as you use different enchant colours. Who gives a fuck? Nobody gains advantage out of it. NCSoft doesnt care if people are horney? How i know? Look at human female fighter panties with manticore set. It has a wet spot. Look at dark elves. Look at elves with their short skirts lol

  8. learn how skinning works nubs says:

    no you will not get banned if you put a nude patch on your client why??????? because only you and other people with the nude patch can see it. it only mods the client side files not server side files meaning: no one sees what you see unless they have the same files as you. i can turn my char purple and no one but me would know

  9. lem says:

    Lol ive used serveral different types of nude patch on the game and gm care less about it than a turd if there even is a gm in game at all lol…. By saying GM dont you mean low paid customer service rep,and the above l2guru d stuff has all you need read the damn read files ppl or youll have to reload entire game or know what to remove if messed up all takes is a missed backup folder and nope it dont work

  10. Conquista says:

    i really dont understand how to install this patch, i downloaded all the UTX files and paste them to their proper folders, but still nothing happened..i really dont know, ive been trying for days please anyone explain to me how to make this patch works

  11. SoulSearcher says:

    Please Guys tell me URL of C6 nude patch 😛

  12. Je moeder says:

    dude, when GM sees you, he just sees a woman with normal clothes.

    You can only see the skin on your pc.

  13. dondi says:

    you can find the nude patch for interlude and kamael/hellbound/gracia totally nude, or only with pantyes on lineage2media.com with easy to install tutorial.

  14. Veritas says:

    nude patch for all versions

  15. amelie says:

    hi please the nude parch for gracia part 2 please.,! xD

  16. darkshadowman says:

    me to pleas

  17. calamity says:

    pls,nude patch for gracia part 2 final

  18. kurda says:

    need nude patch for gracia final or gracia final plus please…

  19. luke238 says:

    loool nude patch is only game modification witch can see only the one who are using it (IN CLEAN TALK:ANY GM CANT SEE U NAKED (IN CASE HE HAVE THIT PATCH TO HE CAN)THEN U DONT GET BAN)

  20. Hoarder says:

    NOOBZ anyone wont get banned u NEWBIE cuz its client modification -> only able to see are that ones who have this patch ROFL

  21. herooo says:

    plz nude patch for gracia epilogue

  22. nagaaaaa says:

    Nude patch for high five?

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