In Depth human Mage Guide (Lineage 2 crest)

Are you wondering how hard it is to level a human mage (nuker) from 1-40? Well, let me tell you, its a cakewalk!

"Whaa? How did you get 40 in less than a month?"

Simple, my friends, and I am here to tell you my leveling secret. It involves no botting, exploits, cheats, or anything of that sort (I for one like to not cheat, but an exploit here and there couldn’t "not" help.)

Step one: The noobie

First, if you are looking to be a healer, you can follow these steps until 20, then look somewhere else O.o…

Any hows and hooters, your first step is to be totally tweaked. Get a magic set, mage staff, and tons of blessed no grade spirit shots. If you are not tweaked, you can follow the same steps, but it will be tons harder, you probably can not do it, and if you do, it will take much longer.

Now, your on talking island, you (preferably) have top ng, and your ready to rock. If your the rich type, go ahead, buy a HG sp scroll…But you never need it for this class.

Do the tuitorial quest: its an easy 50sp, a map, and some spirit shots; not bad, aye?

The first five levels of Lineage you can do in your sleep. Just one hit a bunch of Keltirs, goblins, and orcs, which may be found out the North Gate of TI. Once your five, please head to the werewolves near the Obelisk of Victory, and stay there until level 7.

Yay! you can get skills now! But lets be careful here, we are taking hte high road: don’t pick the crappy spells.

The only spells you will ever need until 20 are:
– Windstrike
– All passive skills
– battle heal

Do not even consider the rest of the spells. You will not be needing them, and they are a waste of sp.

After retrieving your lovely skills, stay at the werewolves until level 14. If you are fortunate enough to have a lovely SE with you, you will never sit, and empower is lovely!

If not, thats ok, you’re gonna make it (whew).

Back to the point, from the werewolves, go to the right, and you should find some lovely orcs and werewolves (more) but they should have fancier names such as lieutenant, sergeant, and BIG AND SCARY!! (no)Kill these little wankers until your 18.

If your only upgrading windstrike and passive skills, your doing great.

From 18-20, go in the elven ruins. If you find a tank, have him/her and you kill undines and salamanders until you are 20. If a tank is not at hand, the crimson spiders at the north of TI work just fantastic.

WOOOT your 20! Thats amazing….

Ok, lets tally up the time it took:

Me with all the tank, shilen elder, etc = 6 hours.

You with none of those = 9-12 hours.

You starting from scratch = 20-24 hours

You who lives in mom’s basement = priceless


For the 20 quest change, there are some great guides on the lineage website, and other places. I am to lazy to write it out, but what I will tell you is that finding the Wind sylph is a @#$5 (Hint: when at the West entrance of Wastelands, there should be a three way intersetion: its actually four ways. There is a hill behind you that is green, that crazy bizotch is up there.)

Other than my complaining, the quest should only take 3 hours (you honestly dont need a guide, its a pretty straight forward quest.)

20-25- The semi newb

If this is getting WAY to long to read, HAHAHAHAAHA, I laugh at you.

For equipment, full knowledge set, Staff of life, and tons of Bspsd are required.

For skills, level blaze, aura flare, and passive skills first, AND THEN do what ever other skill you please (I got Kat the Cat, because hes just a big pimp).

Now, go to abandoned camp from levels 20-25. You should be one hitting these guys, therefore any extra friends you make can be easily taken care of (might as well do the quest from the guy south entrance of Gludin, lvl 21, good cash.)

Once your done, and you have had enough of furry little rodents, its time to move to the big cahoona: Cruma swamps (Dun, dundundun, dun, dundundun duuuuuuuun!)

Cruma swamps 26-40

"OmG! PwnZors! WtF fer liek 14 lvLs?"
(By the way, I hate people that type like that)

Yes, for the next 14 levels, you will plant your arse in Cruma swamp.

If you do not believe me, then do not believe me. This leveling trick only works for human mages, and you should be thankful I am telling you. Catacombs you argue? Go ahead, it will take longer though, I promise you.

It took me three weeks to find the perfect spot, just for you guys (that time does not count), and it honestly is Cruma Swamp for the Human Mage. If you are another class, then I would not go here.


Until 30, the best mobs are Marsh Stakatos, Grim Reaper (whatever
that name is, its the floating cloth), and Giant Crimson Ants. They can be found in the southern part of Cruma. After "reaping these guys,"
Head North east to Stinger Wasps, Marsh stakato workers/soldiers, and toad loards. Stay in this area until 35, and then move further north for the Drones and spiders.

Let me tell you, this is the most depressing way to grind, and a change in landscape and outfit will be most nessecary (Spelling error?) if you want to live past 40.

If you follow the monsters to kill, it should only take about three weeks to obtain 40 (this includes slacking off, dying, pking, or any other variable.)

Congratulations! You made 40! Now, from here, you can go warlock, sorcerer, or necromancer. I chose sorcerer, because they’re boss. A guide to your class change can be googled (Trial of Scholor, Mark of Trust, and Trial of Magus if you are going Sorcerer.)

Your level 40 quest will take over 15 hours, so be prepared for some stress and broken keyboards.

Past 40? Well, thats another whole seperate guide…

But, before I leave you all, let do a quick run through:

1-20 TI
20-25 AC
25-40 Cruma Swamps

Equip: 1-19 Magic set, Mage staff, BSPS (NG)
20-40 knowledge set, Staff of Life, BSPS (D)

And as an added featurete:
40-51 Demon set, Homo Sword
52-60 Zubei Set, Homo Sword (+5 to +10)
61-74 Majestic Set, Staff of Evil Sprits (C4 Sword of Valhalla)
75+ C4 Suprise O.o

1-20 Windstrike, Battle heal, passive,misc (frowned upon misc.)
20-40 Blaze, Aura Strike, Passive, Misc

1-20 9 hours
20-40 550 hours
40 quest 15 hours

Total time to get a char to 40 = 574 hours (about 24 days)

Thank you for reading my guide. I hope your future with your nuker brings much carnage and burned down pedestrians.

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  1. TapukaT says:

    dude u`re a noob, i did that in 2 hours,, I`m the best Avenger in the world.

  2. Unknown says:

    Phah,nice tutorial out there,hope that will help some newbies to stand alone on theyr feets.
    Try some pvp servers,official will be always there.

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