Human Fighter Guide To Leveling 1-20 (Lineage 2 raid bosses)

Welcome to the world of Aden. I will be your guide through your travel from level one to twenty. I will help you to become the greatest fighter in Aden by helping you find key quests, shops, and leveling spots. First you should go through the short but very important guide at the beginning of your adventurer. Now go, be guided, quickly young jedi.

Back? Great, let’s get you started on the road to twenty. First off equip your sword and armor by hitting tab and right clicking on the armor and sword in there. Next go to the bottom right hand of your screen and click on the first button to the left. Go to the actions button under there and put attack, sit and pick up items in your hot bar too the right of your screen. Place them in the following order: 1. Attack 2.Sit 3.Pick up items. To use those just hit the corresponding F key, for attack F1, sit F2 and so on as you get more attacks and what not.

Next talk to one of the Masters and get the quest from them to collect fangs. Now leave the building and head out to cut up some Keltirs, your local neighborhood fox looking things. Here is where you have to make a choice, how long to kill the little furry beasts. I recommend killing only Keltirs until level six, though that may seem like a long grind and very repetitive, it’s worth it. Killing only Keltirs, not young Keltirs or anything else, just the ones named Keltirs insures that you can keep on a steady path to six without having to sit and heal. Also, by sticking to only Keltirs you get one SP per kill which is the case for anything around there after you hit level two. Since they are such low level it will take more and more kills to level but you will always get one SP so you build up a large SP pool by the time you hit six. This will allow you to get some nice skills right away once you make it to town.

Now that you have reached five or six head back into the building you started in and talk to Grandmaster Roien to receive a map of talking island and fifty SP points. Next, head out of the building and follow the path off the small island that was your birthplace and into the scary world of Aden, don’t worry, I’ll be right here.

First, look to your right as you come off the bridge. You should see a lighthouse looking structure off to the north, head for it. Once you reach the lighthouse talk to Lighthouse keeper Rockswell and get the quest from him. Run south until you come back to the bridge, killing Keltirs, any type now, as you go. If you didn’t get the ten furs you needed before reaching the bridge just keep killing Keltirs until you do. When you have collected the required ten keltir furs head to the NW gate of town, which should be close to you. There you will find two guards decked out in armor you only wish you had. Talk to guard Arnold and accept the quest to deliver the goods.

If you have weak legs you are certainly going to be hurting after this, you have a lot of running to do. Enter town and go straight to the center where you will find a large tower like structure. On the North side of the structure is a man name Daring who hasn’t the courage to face the women he loves. Take his quest to help him profess his love and then run to the east side of town.

You should know that the shops in this town decided they didn’t want business and planted themselves all along the walls rather then along the roads through town. Lucky for them we aren’t lazy and know where to find them. Head to the East behind the buildings to find the warehouse and a woman named Cristal standing outside next to a well. Talk to Cristal and then enter the warehouse and talk to Warehouse keeper Rollfran and Warehouse keeper Rant.

Now that you have talked to them leave and head back to the center of town where you will need to head for the North west gate and head right before exiting. Back here you will find the magic shop where you will need to talk to Trader Silvia and get what you need from her for the quest from guard Arnold. Leave the shop and run back to the north west exit and go left before exiting town where you will find the weapon shop.

Enter and talk to Trader Jackson who will give you the last part of the quest for guard Arnold. Exit the shop and head South East to the road where you should see a church across the road to the right. On the left side of the church you will see the beautiful Gatekeeper Rapunzel standing in front of a well. Talk to her and give her the letter from Daring and she turns out to like him just as much. Run back to the road and follow it to the right to the center of town where you will find Daring.

Daring will tell you how happy he is and that he wants you to go get a potion for him from Magistor Baulro. You will find Magistor Baulro back in the church on the left side. After you have received the potion from Magistor Baulro run back to Daring and talk to him, he will reward you with four hundred and fifty Adena.

Are you tired yet? It’s ok, you are almost done running around now. Head back to the SouthEast gate and talk to guard Arnold and you will receive six hundred Adena and a lesser healing potion as a reward for your hard work. One more stop before you can sit and rest your legs, to the lighthouse! Once at the lighthouse talk to Rockswell and you will get four hundred Adena and one thousand one hundred XP. See? Wasn’t that worth it? Take a break and rest your tired legs, you have earned it.

Now that you have rested it’s time to head back to town. On the East Side of town you will find the trainers in a building along the road. This is where you will come to get your skills to become all that you can be. You have more choices now, what kind of fighter do you want to be? There are four types, sword, dagger, bow fighter, and the hybrid Bow/melee combination. I highly recommend the hybrid bow/melee combo since you can use the bow with the power shot skill to pull a monster to you and switch to your melee weapon by having them hot keyed to your hot bar. Either way you go make sure to get rest first then an attack skill for your weapon type.

So you have money, new attacks, a butt load of courage and you are ready to whip some booty like no other? Well…not just yet, you still need to get new armor and weapons before you venture out to slice and dice. Remember where the weapon shop is? No? Too bad, guess you’ll have to scroll back up…bah, it’s to the left of the NorthWest gate before you leave the town.

Once you get there talk to Trader Lector and sell anything you have found at this point and then buy a new weapon, the ones in the eight hundred and eighty three Adena range. Buy the basic armors offered, the cheap stuff, nothing big because you will need to save your Adena and the cheapest is enough. Next talk to Trader Lector again and grab the Quest from him to kill wolfs. Once you have all that you need from here head out of the store and to the right to the road that runs in front of the church. Follow the road out of town until you come to a bridge that crosses a river. On the other side of this bridge is our next target for elimination with extreme prejudice, wolfs.

A little note about your new special attacks, they may do a great amount of damage and seem really nice to open a battle with but they are even better to close a battle. Here’s the nice thing about these specials, they have something called over-hit. When you over hit something you increase the amount of XP given from the target, the lower the life of the target when you use your special the move XP bonus you get, up to twenty five percent. Learn how to use over hit effectively to level quicker.

Cross the bridge, don’t worry, no trolls below, and begin the slaughter of the wolves. Make sure to use rest to sit, it will heal your faster then just plopping your butt down normally. After you have collected the forty wolves pelts head back to town and turn them into Trader Lector. He will give you a random reward of armor or cash. Get the quest from him again and head back out to the wolves. Repeat this process until you reach level nine or ten, though ten is pushing it hard.

If you get sick of the leveling speed of wolves you can head west to some new killing fields. Here you should find Orcs, Orc Grunts, and Werewolves, you can kill these instead of wolves for faster levels though the money turn out will be less in the end. As you gain money buy wooden armor off of other players or from the weapon shop.

Now that you have hit level nine go back through town and out the SouthEast exit to the training grounds. Go into the building out there and talk to Grandmaster Roien who will give you the quest for your Sword of Solidarity and tell you to talk to Blacksmith Alltran. You can find Alltran near our good friend Daring in the center of town. Once you talk to Alltran open your map and run out the NorthWest gate and head for the Elven Ruins.

Ok, finally at the Elven ruins? Great, now see if you can’t find a team outside, you are going to need one to kill your new targets at this point. If you can’t hook up with someone outside then talk to Gatekeeper Ciffon and ask to be warped inside the ruins. There you can search for a team over the all channel. Once you have hooked up with a team follow them if they know the place and you should get what you need for the sword, if not read on.

Lost? Team about to stumble around in the darkness of this dirty pile of rubble? No problem, I’ll guide you to where you need to be to get your sword parts. The first left has a Skeleton standing back a ways at a corner, he will attack you, and he will hurt so work with your team to drop him, though it shouldn’t be any trouble. In this back room you will find Vampire bats, Lennunt orc snipers, and Relic werewolves, none of which will attack you. The snipers will hit you hard so be careful, but they have what you need.

The first room camped? All right, next room then, the first right. Here you will find all the creatures you found in the first room. If you head to the right in this room you will find a ramp leading down to another room full of monsters, one of which may just stare you down, the Monster Eyes. Yes, it seems some poor giant has lost an eye, or maybe it’s an eye enchanted by some warlock. In any case, they are fun to kill though they don’t drop the parts you need. There are some Orcs here to kill for your sword parts, start the slaughter and don’t stop until the floors are soaked in blood.

Got your sword parts? Super, return to town and talk to Alltran who will give you a note to give to Grandmaster Roien. Talk to Roien and take the handle he gives you back to Alltran who will give you a complete sword. Congratulations, you now have what you need to reach level twenty. You have two options now, you can leave talking island, though you will return later or you can continue to level in the Elven ruins. Either way there is one more quest you should do before you leave the island. Talk to Grandmagister Gallint in the starting area and get the quest from him.

Now that you have the quest head back to where you killed wolves at, you may have seen spirit of mirrors when you were around there before. If you didn’t he is to the west a little along the bank of the river. You must make the last hit with one of the wands in order to get what you need for the quest. Next head north to find the Orc Spirit Of Mirrors and then Werewolf Spirit Of Mirrors who is located on the far west of the island. There is a waterfall up near him, he is located North West of there, but watch out for any thing that might attack you as you go.

So you have all the wands now from the Mirrors? Great, take the wands back to Grandmagister Gallint. He will give you a staff of adept, sell it, no need for it since you are a fighter, besides, you want the thirteen thousand you get from it.

If you are absolutely tired and wore out of the ruins and this wretched island then run for the harbor on the South end of the island. On the right as you come to the dock you will see Wharf Manager Phillon who will sell you a boat ticket for two thousand four hundred Adena. The ship arrives every half-hour so be there when it comes or miss your ride to the main land and freedom.

Make it to the main land? Awesome, head East and you should run into a road, follow is south to the town of Gludin. Once you arrive at Gludin find someone selling a world map or a shop and buy one. There is a magic shop located in the center of town on the right side. If you want to make your trip even shorter and you happen to have two thousand five hundred to spend then go to the top left corner of the town and talk to the Gatekeeper there and warp to Gludio.

Too poor? That’s ok, just follow the road out the east gate and use the map to navigate to Gludio. Watch the road on the way because there are monsters along the way that will attack you if you get too close to them. From Gludio run out the East gate and into the river that runs North to South and follow it North until it comes to a bridge. Now remember that river, because you will travel to Gludio many times to get skills and later on better weapons.

Climb out of the water and follow the road to the Y and go North along that road. Stay on that road and watch out for the spiders and Lireins along the way since they will attack you. You will come to a crossroads where you should stop and look for group if you are ready to team.

If you would like to make some cash there is a quest in town for you. Head into town and take a left immediately after you get off the bridge and head into the magic shop. Talk to the trader on the right and get the quest to collect spore sacks. Go out of town through the west gate and open your map. On the map to the south you should see Iris lake, go to the left of there and kill Spore Fungus until you get ten spore sacs. Then return to town and give them to the trader for a reward of two thousand Adena.

You can repeat this quest as much as you want and buy some new armor for yourself. Though I recommend sticking with the wooden armor for the life bonus and defense bonus, plus the stuff you can buy in this town that is above it only offers a tiny bit more defense and no life bonus. After you have finished farming money head to the crossroads and form a team of one healer and two tanks by shouting out in the all channel that you are looking for a healer and another tank around your level.

Once you have formed a team head West to the spider fields. Now, the first thing you need to know is that Hook spiders will not attack you, Crimson Spiders will, as will the random Liriens but all are social so be careful how you pull. It’s best if you use your bow to pull Liriens out of groups of spiders and vice versa. Now kill like mad until you reach fifteen and make sure to watch for a Bow of Forest off of the Hook spiders, it’s a one-hundred and fifty-thousand Adena weapon and very useful.

Once you reach level fifteen head to the west over the bridge to what is called the Neutral Area, the area between the Dark Elves and the Elfs Here you will find Scavenger Wererats and Arachevils and Lyconthropes. The Wererats won’t attack you but the Arachevil and Lycanthropes on the other hand will and the Arachevil has poison, which can be a real pain, make sure your healer has cure poison 1. Watch out for the Lycanthropes, best just to stay away from them as they hit pretty hard.

All targets are social and after killing so many wererats you may get a wererat chief to spawn with a couple of buddies. I didn’t have enough guts to go see if they attack but lets treat them as if the do. If this place gets too boring for you, you can always head to the elf fortress for levels, though as one Elf I know said, that place is the spawn of all evil.
Welcome to level twenty! Congratulations and a happy 20th! You should return to Talking Island for your profession change now. Thanks for using the guide and good luck.

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