How To Craft Items Using Walker Version 1.42 (Lineage 2 chronicle 4)

How To Craft Items Using Walker Version 1.42

1st Step: Have walker open with a crafting dwarf character

2nd Step: Open your personal craft reciepe book (not private creation shop)

3rd Step: Okay now press home to open walker screen, under Basic Options Menu there is an Auto Make Item section, click the second make box.

4th Step: You will now see all items you can make with pull down tab, select item you want, the quantity you want, leave mp option @ 0, also select max wieght %, and delay per craft

Note: On my lvl 25 dwarf, 10 points of MP takes about 4 seconds sitting down so when crafting items in large quatity, time your MP regen to insure proper delay time. (don’t want your bot to click 50000 times evey 4 seconds could seem suspisious)

5th Step: Make sure you have the material to craft the item you are trying to make and I believe you need to press add to start the process (not 100% sure was a little excited to get this posted).

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