How to bring more than 100% Weight (Cheap Lineage 2 Adena)

First you need have 2 characters to do this:
example :
1:you’re warsmith lvl 62 and have 200k SSC in warehouse, you’ll take 100k SSC and got likely 98% weight but cant take more than 100%, sure.
2:use another char ( trade with warsmith
3:warsmith puts 100k ssc in trade window and the other char put 1 ssc (or something) in
4:make sure that other char pressed accept trade FIRST then warsmith press accept . OK
5:Now your other char is keeping 100k SSC in his invertory, lets start again with ya warsmith, let take 100k SSC more from warehouse
6:use warsmith to trade with ya other char,that char put 100k ssc in trade window and next warsmith put 1 ssc (or something) in and press accept (this time warsmith accept first) and now your warsmith has 196% weight :O
If u want to bring more and more, do it again from Step 2
When u have more than 100% u cant move but if you trade with some1 and put all heavy items in trade window ,dont need to press accept juest keep that trade window open u can run around with that .

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