Hack Cloning Yourself (Cheap Lineage 2 Adena)

If I were you I would do this before a sever crashes, or you will get banned. ( Can see people replying to this message saying WTF they got banned and its my fault )

Anyways…. Here are the steps:

1: Load up L2 Walker. (available from links in the premium section)
2: Type in your information (Password, Username).
3: Change the character selection to MANUAL.
4: Click login
5: Once your character screen pops up, log out. (Do NOT close out the Manual Window)
6: Change the Character selection to the character you want to clone. (The manual window should still be up…)
7: Press log in, and when your character is logged in, set up a private store or something.
8: DONT log out, but click on your character thats on manaul and click enter.
9: Both characters should disconnect (If not your doing something wrong)
10: Log in with your character and be side you, you shall have a clone of yourself.

Good Luck, Don’t get banned.

This does lead to speculation of possible dupes. There were dupes in Prelude involving cloning your character them killing the clones to dupe your equipment. No idea if any of the old dupes will work, but if anyone wants to try, you’re more than welcome to.

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