Group XP Trick (Lineage 2 leveling Guide)

Tip: Group experience is calculated by adding 7% more to the base experience, adding up all the levels in the group and then dividing the total experience by that number. The exp is then distributed by level. For example, let s say there is a level 20 and a level 30 in a group. One kill gives them 2000 experience. (Without the 7% added in for the sake of simplicity) Add 20 and 30 together, which would equal 50. Then divide 2000 by 50, which would equal 40. The level 20 would get 800 experience (40 x 20) and the level 30 would get 1200 experience (40 x 30). Because of this, it s impossible to sponge experience off of higher levels due to the fact that the experience is distributed this way. If a level 1 groups with a level 30 and they get 2000xp per kill, the level 30 will get roughly 1935xp while the level 1 will get about 65, which is worse than just soloing the noob mobs. Keep this in mind before a low level asks you to powerlevel them this way!

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