Great Guide To Go Assassin! (Lineage 2 classes)

Note this guide only details how to raise a fighter and make its way up to level 20 so you can obtain the fun loving assassin class. As a Fighter working to be an Assassin, your two weapons of choice are Dagger and Bow, as that is what the Assassins skills draw off of later! By the way, this is only for Dark Elves who pursue the Fighter career. I am breaking this down into a few sections, them being: Getting to level 20, the gear that you can have up to level 20, and the skills you will want to have by level 20. The actual quest for becoming an Assassin will be included with the walk to 20.

Create your lovely little fighter.

Load him/her up and orient yourself with the Dark Elf Village and Surrounding areas.

Since you start out in the Temple of Shilien you will need to speak with the Abyssal Celebrants to obtain your first quest. It’s not that hard of a quest. You are told to walk outside, kill a few keltirs and nephryts and return back to the Abyssal Celebrant who gave you the quest and you will receive blood of mitrael. Take this blood to Mitrael who is standing in front of the giant statue of Shilen (the dark elven goddess of death). Once you have spoken to Mitrael you will receive 500a and a World Map. Congrats first of many quests down.

You must be level 3 to start this quest! Your next quest of concern will be the Shilen Hunt quest. This quest has you fighting ashen wolves for not only exp but also their Dark Bezoars. Since you will be hunting these creatures for exp might as well make a little profit off it. Head towards the Dark Elven Village and speak with Sentry Nelsya, she will give you the quest. Walk back out to the killing fields and start grinding away on Ashen wolves until you have 13 Dark Bezoars. NOTE: You may stay out and finish off a level or two if you wish since the Ashen Wolves tend to stay white until level 4 or 5. Your reward for returning the 13 Dark Bezoars to Sentry Nelsya is 1900 exp and a Light Healing Potion. Grind away on Ashen Wolves and surrounding enemies until you reach level 5. At this point (level 5) refer to the skills section to see which skills you will want to take.

You must be level 5 to start this quest! Ok next you will want to enter the EAST and exit the WEST sides of the Dark Elven Village. On your way through the village do not forget to talk to Sentry Krpion, as he is the next quest giver you will want to talk to. The nice thing about this quest is that it is totally repeatable and can go on forever if you want it to. Sentry Krpion will send you out on a task to kill Imps and Imp Turens. Since you will be hunting these at this level it is nice to get an added bonus for killing them. Once you have the quest either follow the path to the west or follow the mountain south west to find imps. Every imp you kill has a chance of dropping a SHACKLE which is good for 5a each. Kill imps until level 8 and then turn in all the shackles to Sentry Krpion. Not much money but definitely worth it.

You must be level 8 to start this quest! Ok guys and gals, this is where you will really start to rake in your adena. At 2000 adena a pop, the fungus quest is the way to go while getting exp! The quests name is Trade With The Ivory Tower and it is initiated by speaking with Trader Vollodos (in the magic shop where the books are sold, he is behind the counter). Remember, this quest is repeatable so hack and slash away to get that money! Speaking with Vollodos, he will tell you he needs 10 Fungus Sacs. These can be obtained from Forest Walking Fungus which are surrounding the area of a small spire west of town and also from Blood Fungus which are farther down the path outside of the western exit. The blood fungus are mixed in with Orcs so watch out! Same old same old goes for this quest. Hack and slash your way through quest after quest and fungus after fungus to get that money and exp. Return the Fungus Sacs to Vollodos and get the quest again. Keep doing this quest until level 10. Once you hit level 10, return for some of that training!

You must be level 10 to start this quest! Recommended that you bring a scroll of escape for a major time save. Ok now we get into your first weapon quest. This is a must do for any Assassin want to be. The dagger given from this quest is a definite money saver. This quest is called The Forgotten Truth and it goes like this: Speak with Tetrarch Thifiell who is located in the Temple up the stairs in the Dark Elven City. You will receive an Onyx Talisman1 which you must give to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia (located in Temple of Shilen where you first came into the game as a Dark Elf). Kartia will in turn give you an Onyx Talisman2 and tell you to fight some orcs located near the Dark Elven Altar of Initiation. In this area there are many monsters, but the ones you must worry about the most are the Stoppers as they agro to you. Kill the orcs until they drop an ancient tablet and a scroll. This may take 5 minutes of killing all the way up to an hour. Use your Scroll of Escape and run from the Dark Elven City to the Temple of Shilen and give Kartia the Onyx Talisman2, the Scroll, and the Tablet. You will receive Kartia’s Translation. Return to Tetrarch Thifiell and receive your Eldritch Dagger!
Since money is definitely an issue in this game, return to doing the Fungus Sac quest until level 11.

You must be level 11 to do this quest! This quest isn’t essential but it is definitely worth the effort. You can make 12.6k (store value) all the way up to 19k (if sold to a player) easily off this weapon. So I listed it as a stepping stone to 20 only because of the gear potential. The quest is called Spirit of Craftsman and is given by the Dark Elven Blacksmith Karoyd located in the weapons shop. He will give you Karoyd’s Letter, which must be taken to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinion located in the Temple of Shilen. He will give you Cecktinion’s Voucher1 which must be taken to Magister Harne. Harne will give you Cecktinion’s Voucher2. Now you must travel down the to School Of Dark Arts which is located easily on your map. At SoDa, you will need to hunt the entry room skeletons and the skeletons located down the ramps on the left and right side to get the 10 Bone Fragments needed for this quest. Use a Scroll of Escape, or run your little butt back, to Magister Harne and give him the 10 fragments, here you will receive a Soul Catcher. Run the Soul Catcher to Cecktinion and you will receive Preserve Oil. Run to the marsh, near the orcs and blood fungi and kill the Marsh Zombies and Marsh Zombie Pointers until you receive a Zombie Head. Return the Zombie Head to Cecktinion and you will receive Steelbenders Head, which should be promptly taken to Karoyd for your reward! Congratulations you just received a Bloodsaber. Sell it!

Just my personal preference, doesn’t have to be followed to the T since it gets very boring very quickly. Trader Minaless gives a quest out called Scent of Death which involves hunting Zombies for Zombie skin. Combined with the Fungus Sac quest, you can rake in 4000 adena a trip. Trader Minaless is located right next to Trader Vollodos. As I said above, this can get very boring very quick, but it is what I did for quite awhile. You can also venture out to SoDa and get a group or hunt solo on the orcs. Its all a matter of personal preference. If it were me, I’d just do fungus and zombie quests till I was 15! Once you hit 15, return for some of that training I was talking about earlier.
You must be level 15 to do this quest! Ok, now for another one of them there item quests. This time its for a pair of Bone Gaiters. Magister Vlasty gives this quest. Simple quest at the most, head into the swamp and kill Lesser Dark Horrors and Dark horrors until you get a Perfect skull. Return the Perfect Skull back to Vlasty and bam you got yourself a pair of Pants.

Now you are in the home stretch with only 5 levels to go until 20. From here on out, Do as you see fit, but I recommend soloing the surrounding area of SoDa or grouping into SoDa. Of course though you can always do the Zombie and Fungus quests more for that lovely adena.

Now for the quest to receive assassin class. You must be at least level 19 to start this quest, but it will not be completed until you are level 20. Ok here it goes, run or teleport to Gludio Village and find the Dark Elf guild, Triskel will be standing outside of it, speak to him. Triskel will give you a letter and send you on your way to the Altar of Initiation (where the orcs for the Eldritch dagger quest was) to speak with Arkenia. She in turn will send you to speak with Guard Leikan who is located in Gludin, about the matters at hand. Guard Leikan will tell you to go Hunt Moonstone Beasts, which are along the river North of Gludio, for their teeth, you need 10 of them. Return to Guard Leikan and then he will tell you about an orc named Calpico, who is located NW of SoDa. Calpico spawns with a few other orcs who will charge you when you attack him. How I did this part was Powershot from bow to calpico, a few more arrows will drop him, and then killed his two guards with my dagger. Easy stuff there. Return the potion you receive from Calpico to Arkenia at the altar. She will give you Arkenia’s letter which must be shown to Triskel back in Gludio. Once you have spoken to Triskel, speak with Grandmaster Tobias who is located in the building Triskel stands in. Congratulations you are now an Assassin! (only if you were level 20, if not return to Tobias upon completing leveling to 20 and become an Assassin then.)


These are the Weapons you will come across on your journey to becoming an Assassin.
Name Cost Patk/Matk Soul Shot
Dagger Start 5/5 x0
Bone Dagger 800 7/6 x0
Knife 12,500 10/9 x0
Eldritch Dagger Quest 11/10 x0
Dirk 54,000 15/12 x2
Throw Knife 160,000 21/17 x2
Sword Breaker 292,000 27/21 x2
Short Bow 800 16/6 x0
Bow 12,500 23/9 x0
Hunting Bow 54,000 34/12 x6
Bow of Forest 136,000 49/17 x7
Composition Bow 244,000 64/21 x7

*Prices are off memory only, do not hold me accountable for the prices, they also flux.
*Also these are the weapons that are NO GRADE, usable by those 1-19, until you hit 20 and are able to use items of D grade.


These are the Armors you will come across on your journey to becoming an Assassin.
Name Cost Pdef Location
Squires Shirt Start 33 Upper Body
Shirt 150 36 Upper Body
Leather Shirt 2,500 43 Upper Body
Wooden Breastplate 8,000 47 Upper Body
Bone Breastplate 20,300 50 Upper Body
Tights Shirt 20,300 50 Upper Body
Hard Leather Shirt 36,000 53 Upper Body
Squires Pants Start 20 Lower Body
Pants 100 22 Lower Body
Leather Pants 1,500 27 Lower Body
Hard Leather Pants 5,000 29 Lower Body
Bone Gaiters Quest 32 Lower Body
Tights Pants 12,700 32 Lower Body
Hard Leather Gaiters 23,000 33 Lower Body
Cloth Cap 55 13 Head
Leather Cap 911 16 Head
Wooden Helmet 4,000 19 Head
Leather Helmet 10,200 23 Head
Hard Leather Helmet 18,400 26 Head
Short Gloves 37 9 Hands
Short Leather Gloves 610 11 Hands
Gloves 2,700 13 Hands
Leather Gloves 6,800 15 Hands
Bracer 12,300 17 Hands
Cloth Shoes 40 9 Feet
Leather Sandals 40 9 Feet
Cotton Shoes 610 11 Feet
Leather Shoes 2,700 13 Feet
Low Boots 6,800 15 Feet
Boots 12,300 17 Feet

*Prices are off memory only, do not hold me accountable for the prices, they also flux.
*Also these are the armors that are NO GRADE, usable by those 1-19, until you hit 20 and are able to use items of D grade.


Next we go into the skills you will need to have and survive with until level 20!

Level 5

Armor Mastery 1 Defense Increases
Weapon Mastery 1 Attack Power Increases
Defense Aura 1 Self buff, increases Defense Temporarily
Mortal Blow 1, 2, 3 Dagger Critical attack.
Power Shot 1, 2, 3 Bow Critical Attack

Level 10

Armor Mastery 2, 3 Defense Increases
Weapon Mastery 2 Attack Power Increases
Attack Aura 1 Self buff, increases Defense Temporarily
Mortal Blow 4, 5, 6 Dagger Critical Attack
Power Shot 4, 5, 6 Bow Critical Attack

Level 15

Armor Mastery 4, 5 Defense Increases also does evasion when wearing Light Armor
Weapon Mastery 3 Attack Power Increases
Drain Energy 1, 2 Life stealing attack
Mortal Blow 7, 8, 9 Dagger Critical Attack
Power Shot 7, 8, 9 Bow Critical Attack

There you have it Ladies and Gentleman, A nice guide on how to get to level 20, become an Assassin, and what gear there is! Good luck in Lineage 2 and hope to be fighting along side you one day!

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