Good Way To Make Adena (Lineage 2 npc)

Level 8 – 18:
Do the Spore Quest in the Dark Elf Town or the Elf Town. The Dark Elf would be a better choice as you can do the Zombie Skin Quest as the same time.
Level 18 – 30+:
Head over to the Dwarf town and go to the First Dwarf Dungeon and hunt Gemstone Beast lvl 12 passive. These mops (we’re in Lineage not EQ they’re mops here :P) drop items that sell for 100 to 20k+ to NPCs and up to 56k to PC it’s easy to make 200k in 4hrs.

Ranged based classes should hold off on the Dwarf Dungeon until level 20 unless you have the best equipment for your level already. Fighter types can start hunting the dungeon before 18 but are more effect (i.e. very little down time) around 18.

I’ve used this in KOB, TWOB, JPOB and NACB it never fails if I need Adena I just farm the Gemstone Beast in the Dwarf Dungeon.

Fungus quest lvl 8:
DE Town, reward 2000a:
1. Speak with Trader Vollodos in the magic shop. He will ask you to collect 10 Fungus Sacs.
2. Leave town via the west exit and and travel along the road until you get to a single tower on the right, then head northwest . Hunt and kill the Forest Walking Fungus (lvl 9) until you have 10 Fungus Sacs. Blood Fungus (lvl 12) also drop the sacs more rarely, and are farther down the road around the set of towers on the left.
3. Return to town and give the sacs to Vollodos.
4. Repeat.

Elf Town, reward 2000a:
1. Talk to Trader Herbtien in the Elven Village magic shop.
2. Hunt Spore Fungus (lvl 9 passive) until you have 10 Fungus Sacs. They can be found to the west, southwest, or south of the village.
3. Give the 10 sacs to Trader Herbtien.
4. Repeat.

Zombie skin lvl 11:
DE Town, reward 2000a:
1. Talk to Trader Minaless in the Dark Elven Village magic shop.
2. Hunt in the swamps to the southwest for Marsh Zombies (lvl 13 passive) until you get 5 Zombie’s Skins.
3. Return the skins to Trader Minaless.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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