Good Leveling Tip For Level 30-40 DD And DoT’er (Lineage 2 Server status)

First off, goto the sea of spores. Once there, go find two types of mobs, Spore Zombies, and Rotting Golems. Have your DoT’er DoT them, then get your DD (If you’re a scout-like class don’t use a bow since golems have reduced damage against them) to hit it while the creep tries following the DoT’er at a very slow pace. The DoT’er could probably do this by his/her-self, but you take lots of damage if you are hit by these things (I was taking about 100-150 damage with 391 pdef). Also, you wont waste as much mana if the DD is beating them senseless while you sit somewhere. Finally, I made about 1200 xp and 95 SP per kill. In about an hour I made close to 20% xp (Which is good for level 33), got 40-50k adena, and another 30k in items (Steel and Leather being the main ones dropped). To end this, just remember to stay away from the tarantulas that are out there. They caused problems for me and my friend while we were out there.

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