Free Boat Rides (Lineage top 100)

What happens when you board the boat and it departs is Lineage 2 checks to see if
you have a ticket then sails. If you don’t have a ticket and are on board it will
give you a message saying you don’t have a ticket and then dump you in the ocean.
If you have a ticket you sail away.
As the game only checks you if you are on board as the boat is about to depart you
can wait a little way up the dock and wait for the boat to sail past you and click the
mouse on the deck of the boat. (make sure you thrash the button) Now you are on the boat
and will not be checked for a ticket as Lineage 2 only checks as the boat starts moving.
This will save you over 2000 adena for a ticket.

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Lineage 2 Adena.

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