Fastest Way To Level Between 14-20 (Buy Lineage 2)

For all you fighters out there, it is a MUST you become pals with a healer. With the method I’m about to detail you will level EXTREMELY fast and be well on your way to your Level 20 specialty.

1. The area you’ll be grinding in is the "neutral zone", located between the Elven and Dark Elven domains.
2. This area is chock full of Level 15ish mobs, crimson spiders, moonstone beasts in a very small area with a very fast respawn rate. There is NO better place on the mainland to level up between levels 13/14-20.

This strategy works well for 1-3 players, 1 fighter and 1 healer, or 2 fighters and 2 healers. Don’t fall into the trap of 4+ player groups at this stage of the game, it’s a complete waste of time for all involved. Also, make sure you are all within 1 level of each other, to ensure even distribution of experience points as they are earned.

Goal of the Fighter:
TANK! The fighter(s) should be taking all the damage from the mobs they are attacking. Don’t let the healer tank, they are far too weak. It is your responsibility here to get the mob chasing you and you only. Consider the healer your key to NO DOWNTIME, he/she can heal you back to full strength when needed. After one mob has bit the dust, move onto the next one immediately. Go as fast as possible. You set the pace here, the faster you go…..the more XP you’ll get.

Goal of the Healer:
Contribute as much damage as possible WITHOUT USING SPELLS. When teamed with a solid fighter character, you have no need to use your attack spells at this level. Conserve that MP for healing your tank! After the tank has engaged the mob, run in and begin smacking it with your staff/book/scroll etc. Always keep an eye on your partner’s health, keeping it as full as possible.

This is a pretty standard approach to MMOG leveling, but the pace you can set in L2 far exceeds that of most other MMOGs. It is amazing how quickly you can level with a simple combo of one tank/one healer. Using this technique you could easily hit level 20 within 4 days of purchase and be well on your way to becoming an elite character. 🙂

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