Elven Mage Guide To Leveling 1-20 (Lineage 2 Server)

Welcome to the world of Aden. I will be your guide through your travel from level one to twenty. I will help you to become the greatest mage of Aden by helping you find key quests, shops, and leveling spots. First you should go through the short but very important guide at the beginning of your adventurer. Now go, be guided, with haste fair one.

Back? Great, let’s get you started on the road to twenty. First off equip your rod and armor by hitting tab and right clicking on the armor and rod in there. Next go to the bottom right hand of your screen and click on the first button to the left. Go to the actions button under there and put Wind strike, attack, sit and pick up items and heal in your hot bar too the right of your screen. Place them in the following order:

• 1. Wind strike
• 2. Attack
• 3. Sit
• 4. Pick up items
• 5. Heal

To use those just hit the corresponding F key, for Wind strike F1, attack F2 and so on as you get more spells and what not.

Now leave the building you started in if you haven’t already and talk to one of the Mother temps located under the large tree and get the quest from them to collect fangs. Time to show some keltirs the wrath of a real mage. Keltirs are your local neighborhood fox looking things, long tails that kind of look like a raccoon’s tail. Here is where you have to make a choice, how long to kill the little furry beasts. I recommend killing only Keltirs until level seven, though that may seem like a long grind and very repetitive, it’s worth it.

Killing only Keltirs, not young Keltirs or anything else, just the ones named Keltirs insures that you can keep on a steady path to six without having to sit and heal. Also, by sticking to only Keltirs you get one SP per kill which is the case for anything around there after you hit level two. Since they are such low level it will take more and more kills to level but you will always get one SP so you build up a large SP pool by the time you hit Seven. This will allow you to get some nice skills right away once you make it to town.

Level seven? Awesome, go back to the Mother Temps and talk to one of them, they will tell you to talk to Nerupa, the weird spider looking lady in the center of the semicircle the Mothers. Talk to her, trust me, she won’t bite…not until she has wrapped you up in her web! Once you have received your map from Nerupa head up the bridge behind you.

This is the Elven village and everything you need is close and simple to find. First to your right is the weapon shop and to your left is storage and beyond that the skill building. Head to the south wall and enter the building there, this is the skill building where you can learn different spells.

Learn wind strike and ice bolt, which you will need to buy a book for from the magic shop. You will want to max both these skills out first, since the self heal you have will heal you well for a while. As you level come back and get heal, cure poison 1, you will need that later, and the defensive skills. Next buy some armor from the armor shop and just save you money for now after that, watch for deals on armor from players by checking the shops and comparing their prices.

Leave town out the Southwest exit and head northwest and begin killing gray wolves, Kaboo orc grunts, kaboo orcs, goblin raiders, and green dryads. Beware that all the previously listed monsters will help their brothers aside from the gray wolfs. If you want some quick killing just continue to roll through the green dryads and gray wolfs. You can power threw these buy first casting ice bolt to slow them then casting wind strike and repeating until dead.

There is also another way to level, given that you like to run, shoot, run shoot and like huge chucks of XP. If you are bold enough, you can head west past the crossroads and over a bridge. Here you will find Liriens that you can kill these using your spells wisely. This is called kiting, just attack the creature with an ice bolt, then run, wind strike, ice bolt, run, and so on, you get the idea.

Now, I myself prefer not to start kiting until later, but it is an option now, so I had to make you aware of it. Here is my reason, I don’t like having to run, shoot, run, shoot over and over just to kill one creature and receive a huge amount of XP and sp. Sound nuts do I? Well, the reason is because in the time it takes me to kill one Lirien I can have several of the other creatures dead with little work and about the same XP if not more.

You are going to fail a lot more and miss when you cast your spells against the liriens because they are higher level then you, much higher. But you will hit them, it will just take time to kill them. Either way you should level until you are level either so you can get a money quest in town. If you want to kite your way to levels then skip the rest of this part of the guide until you see the section entitled “Kiting”, the rest of you use the remainder of the guide.

Once you reach level eight, then head back into town. On your immediate left will be the magic shop, enter and talk to Trader Herbtien on the right and get the quest to collect spore sacks. Go out of town through the southwest gate and open your map. On the map to the south you should see Iris Lake, go to the left side of there and kill Spore Fungus until you get ten spore sacs. Then return to town and give them to the trader for a reward of two thousand Adena. Continue to hunt these until you reach level ten or higher.

Covered in spore gunk? Need some more power? Well, I have a fix for you. Go back into town and make your way to the Southeast exit and talk Sentinel Kendnell who will give you an easy and very rewarding quest. He will give you one of four targets, opening your inventory and going to the quest tab will show you the orders; left click to see the name of the orc you need to kill. Be warned that the orcs may have fellow orcs around them that will attack you and all the orc chiefs have a warhound with them, though they are weak. Below is a list of the orcs and their locations, but they wander a bit around their spawn points:

– #1 Kaboo Chief Uoph. Southwest exit and the northwest to ruins.

– #2 Kaboo Chief Kracha. Southwest exit go immediately south and look for nine towers, he is there.

– #3 Kaboo Chief Batoh. Open your map, head to the Elven Fortress, he wanders around outside there.

– #4 Kaboo Chief Tanukia. Southwest exit and follow the road to the crossroads. He is to the Southwest near some ruins.

The second part requires you to kill another orc and here again is a list of the orcs:

– #5 Kaboo Chief Turel. Southwest exit and immediately south, cross the river and look for him in the ruins on top of the hill.

– #6 Kaboo Chief Roko. Southwest exit, head to Iris Lake, he is located on the left side near the shore next to some ruins.

– #7 Kaboo Chief Kamut. He is on the south end of Iris Lake across the road in a field.

– #8 Kaboo Chief Murika. Go out the Southeast exit and follow the road over two bridges, he will be in the second set of ruins on the left.

Return to Sentinel Kendnell and you will receive Red Sunset Staff, now you have some power. Now it’s time to get some more levels by tackling some eight-legged freaks and some floating beauties. Make your way to the crossroads and form a team, get two tanks around your level. Shout out over the all channel that you are looking for two tanks and you will get replies quickly I’m sure.

Once you have formed a team head to the West to the spider fields. Now, the first thing you need to know is that Hook spiders will not attack you, Crimson and Pincer Spiders will, as will the random Liriens but all are social so be careful how you pull. It’s best if you use your bow to pull Liriens out of groups of spiders and vice versa.

Now kill like mad until you reach fourteen and make sure to watch for a Bow of Forest off of the Hook spiders, it’s a one-hundred and fifty-thousand Adena weapon and very useful. Now that you are fourteen you can return to town and upgrade wind strike and ice bolt.

Now you need to talk to Sentinel Knight Alberryus, you will find him outside the skill building on the balcony. Talk to him, accept the quest and then go inside to talk to Master Cobendell. After speaking to Cobendell head out of the Southwest exit to the crossroads. To the Southwest you will find the Dryads and Dryad ribes you need to kill for the Dryad tears. Time to make some leaf wearing weirdos cry!

After you have severely beaten the tears out of the Dryads return to town and talk to Master Cobendell. Once you have talked to him talk to Sentinel Knight Alberryus and he will ask you to give some potions to the other Sentinels. The first one is Sentinel Gartrandell who is on the same balcony as Alberryus. The next Sentinel is Sentinel Veltress as the Southeast exit, then Sentinel Berryos at the Northeast exit and lastly Sentinel Rayjien at the Southwest exit. Return to Sentinel Knight Alberryus to receive your reward, a Sentinel Staff.

If you want there are two other quests to pick up for a bone shield and a leather shirt though they require a lot more work then the staff quests. But if you are going to do the bone shield one you might as well do the leather shirt too. First, talk to Sentinel Stardyen at the Southwest exit for the leather shirt quest and then Trader Unoren in the weapon shop for the bone shield one.

Next go to the Elven Fortress and find a team unless you already have one. Venture into the fortress and kill Baraq orc fighter and Baraq orc Sub leaders for the parts you need for the leather shirt quest. After you have collected all four poems head deeper in and kill skeletons for the ten bone fragments you need and Mist Terrors for the three skulls.

Now that you have collected the parts you need return to town and talk to Sentinel Stardyen on your way in for the leather shirt reward and then to Trader Unoren for the bone shield and two thousand XP rewards. Now breath fair one, you have worked hard to get this far, and you only have a short stretch to the end.

Head back to the crossroad and pick up another team around your level unless you happen to have one. Head to the west over the bridge to what is called the Neutral Area, the area between the Dark Elves and the Elf’s. Here you will find Scavenger Wererats and Arachevils and Lyconthropes.

The Wererats won’t attack you but Arachevil and Lycanthropes on the other hand will and the Arachevil has poison, which can be a real pain, make sure you have cure poison 1. Watch out for the Lycanthropes, best just to stay away from them as they hit pretty hard.

All targets are social and after killing so many wererats you may get a wererat chief to spawn with a couple of buddies. I didn’t have enough guts to go see if they attack but lets treat them as if the do. If this place gets too boring for you, you can always head back to the elf fortress for levels, though as one Elf I know said, that place is the spawn of all evil.

Well, here we are, level twenty and you still as good looking and clean as ever. Guess you showed me that you don’t have to get dirty to be great. Congratulations and don’t forget to head back to town to do your profession change now that you are twenty. It has been a great time, I hope to see you again in the future, good luck and safe travels.


So you have chosen the road of a kiter, cool. Now make sure you have learned how to use the camera effectively, such as facing yourself when you start a attack then clicking behind you to start running then hitting the wheel on your mouse to flip around to see what is chasing you. There really isn’t much to kiting, just that you make sure that you only kite creatures that are slower then you. It will take you time to kill all these creatures with kiting, but the SP and XP turn out is great.

Anyway, here is what you can kite to twenty easy.

• Any kind of Bat, very slow and found around dark elf territory and later for higher ones at the ruins below Gludio.
• Slugs as I call them, or Mist Leeches as the game names them, can be found in the misty swamp of Cruma Tower. Watch out though, there are mist horror’s in there that will eat you quick.
• Golems, they can be found around the dark elf territory with the bats.
• Liriens are excellent prey, very slow moving.
• In general, anything that is slow moving can be kited with efficiency

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