Elven Fortress XP Guide

Ok, now I KNOW this works because I’ve levelled up my Elven Fighter to L20 within a day with NO deaths…

It’s also a great way to make cash when starting out! All you need is a Bow and LOADS of arrows.

There is a bug with two of the rooms (maybe more!) in the Elven Fortress. They are the two orc rooms connected to the first skeleton room. To get to them, head into the fortress and down through the first orc room, round the corner and into the skeleton room. The two rooms you want are the first on the left or right – connected to the skeleton room.

Ok, what you want to do is get in there and stand in the very middle of the room (length + width ways) and stay there. As you move the camera around take a good look at the floor, and you’ll see you are standing on a ‘join’ – you can see some ‘tearing’ in the floor.

You’ll find that when the next orc spawns, you can attack it with the bow, and as long as you don’t move from that spot – it’ll go into attack stance but won’t move! Within a couple of hits it’ll be dead and free 100a! I’ve kept this up for hours – it’s all about finding the right position on the floor.

4 orcs spawn every minute, giving you about 24k per hour. And, because they never attack you, you have absolutely no downtime. If you move, they will often attack you. But if you get back into position, when the next orc spawns – it’ll ignore you again.

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