Easy Money Cheat (Lineage 2 bot)

The Eminence Bow shaft sells anywhere form 750K to 1.5M Adena. The drop rate is not high, but they’re pretty common.

If you are level 30+, you’ll need a group of at least 5. Head out to the eastern part of the Dragon Valley (before Bloody Queens.)
and hunt Succubus Turens. They will drop the part.

12 hours of camping will get 3-4 shafts. Easy Adena!

If all else fails try The MMORPG Exchange L2 Adena . MMORPG-Exchange has supplied me for years and they have great customer service and 24/7 instant delivery.
Lineage 2 Adena.

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    i like..
    if im busy..but i like this game..

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