Dwarf Artisan – A Guide To Getting Rich (Lineage 2 reviews)

So you’ve leveled your dwarf to the illustrious Level 20, I salute you! Grinding a dwarf from 1-20 is more difficult than any other race, due to the lack of any special combat skills. However, the wait is well worth it, as you can become EXTREMELY rich as a Dwarf by knowing WHAT to hunt and WHERE to hunt. This is a first revision of the Dwarf Artisan Guide.

The first thing you need to ensure you do is learn the "Crystallize" skill from your local blacksmith. This will allow you to "crystallize" D Grade items, which will allow you to create Soulshots and Spiritshots. Crafting/selling these two items can help make your bank account overflow if done correctly. Most artisans don’t take the time to fill up their warehouse with the items they’ll need to get rich, and even more importantly don’t look for D Grade Item deals which will greatly increase their profits.


Here is a typical scenario of how a Dwarf Artisan will create Soulshots/attempt to sell them via a private store.

1. Dwarf buys 1 pair of Excellence Leather Gloves from Local Store at full retail price (approximately 25,100 in Dion Weapon Shop).
2. Dwarf crystallizes this item, and receives 38 Grade D Crystals.
3. Dwarf purchases 38 "Soul Ore" from local magic shop to combine with a single crystal to create 100 D Grade Soulshots at a cost of 310 Adena per Soul Ore.

Now let’s take a look at the profit this dwarf would make going the standard soulshot crafting route using all 38 D crystals:

1 Pair Excellence Gloves: 25,100 adena
38 Soul Ore: 11400 adena
Total: 36500 adena

3800 D Grade Soulshots
Selling Price Total (11a each): 41800 adena

(Yield – Costs) = Profit
(41800-36500)= 5300 adena profit

Not too shabby, but by actually crafting your OWN gloves you’ll be able to increase your profit to the following:
(41800-11400) = 30,400 adena profit

In addition if you make a trip to the town of Oren you’ll be able to purchase the Soul Ore for only 270 adena a piece, further increasing your profit:

(41800-10260) = 31,540 adena profit

Also keep in mind, if you sell your wares near the town of Oren, you can typically sell your D grade soulshots at 14-15a a piece. It is worth the expense to players in these areas, as the walk back to Dion/Giran is quite a distance. So taking advantage of all the tips above, and combined with the higher selling price it is quite easy to make a 46740 adena profit off of EACH batch of soulshots you sell (57000-10260)! That’s over 900% more than the average dwarf makes creating soulshots.


Here is the recipe to create a pair of excellence leather gloves. Keep in mind you only need ONE recipe to craft an unlimited amount of gloves.

4 Excellence Leather Glove Linings
8 Pieces of Leather
1 High Grade Suede
1 Gemstone D

Here are some details on ALL of the items you’ll need to begin creating your Excellence Leather Gloves…..which allow you to create the all important crystals you’ll need to start your thriving Soulshot business.

*1 Leather Recipe*

You can create leather by fusing together 8 pieces of animal skin. By level 20 you should have well over 200 animal skins in your inventory. If you don’t, just create a Private "Buy" Store and offer about 100a per skin. You’ll be amazed at how many skins people will sell you just in 30 minutes. So, for 1 pair of gloves you’ll need 8 pieces of leather, or 48 animal skins. Not as much as it sounds!

*1 Coarse Bone Powder Recipe*

To create a "High Grade Suede" you’ll need a batch of bone powder. Bone powder is made from 10 animal bones, and again you should have a few hundred animal bones by the time you hit level 20. So you should already have plenty in your inventory. Again, same rule applies here in terms of a private store if for whatever reason you don’t have any animal bones. Just set up a shop and buy some.

*1 High Grade Suede Recipe*

To create High Grade Suede you’ll need 3 pieces of suede (you’ll have 50+ by level 20) and 1 batch of bone powder.

*1 Gemstone D*

These can be purchased for 1000-1300 adena depending on the magic shop/town. They sell for 1000 adena in the town of Oren.

I strongly suggest all level 20+ dwarves focus solely on crafting Excellence Leather Gloves. By the time you hit level 20, you should have enough animal skins/suede and bone to give you 90% of what you need to craft 5 or 6 pairs of leather gloves, giving you a quick profit of 180 – 240k from level 20-21……purely on materials sold. This does not include the extra coin you’ll make farming for Excellence Leather Glove Lining. All in all, if done correctly you could net over 600k in just 2 levels as an Artisan.

*4 Excellence Leather Glove Linings*

You’ll want to hunt Specters at the Execution Ground just East of Dion Castle Town to obtain these Linings. They drop at a very high rate (around 10-12%) from this mob, so focus solely on them. Ideally, before you set out on the hunt solo or with some other folks ensure that YOU will be the only one receiving these linings. If you’re with strangers, offer then 300a a piece for each lining BEFORE setting out for the area.

Specters are located in the northern portion of the Execution Grounds, so you’ll want to enter the area via the Northern entrance (take the N road out of Dion). Level your dwarf solely on these mobs from level 20-25, and you can have upwards of 100 Excellence Leather Glove Linings in just 5 levels. This will make you an enormous profit in the long run.

100 Leather Glove Linings = 25 Pairs of Gloves = 950 Crystals

So at the maximum profit of 47,600 adena per batch of 38 crystals, by Level 25 you could easily obtain over 1.1 million adena in profit NOT COUNTING the 500-600k adena you’ll make while farming. This method will allow you to FULLY tweak out your Dwarf with High Level D Grade Armor and Weapons by only level 25!

Other Ways to Increase "In Game" Profits

For those lucky enough to have two computers (or able to run multiple clients on one machine), and willing to pay for a second account, you can make even more money. I’ve done this by having a second toon which is essentially my vendor. I am constantly setting up this vendor in a town to sell the soulshots I’ve made. While the vendor sells the soulshots, I am right back out farming again for more items I’ll need to create more soulshots. Most dwarves craft the items/sit around and wait until they sell. This is a bad approach to being an Artisan, and will likely leave you frustrated and broke.

Plop down that extra 50 bucks for another copy of Lineage 2, and get a second vendor toon up and running. You won’t be sorry!

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