Dwarf and Mage PK Exploit (L2 skills)

this is pretty much a variation on an older exploit already posted. anywya, this one requires that you be a dwarf, and bring along a high lvl friend, prefereably mage-type. anyway, wut u do is you get ur low lvl dorf to become overweighted, so no regen hp/mp. then you quaff a pot of haste or get ur friend to WW you to a high lvl area.

here’s the tricky part: you get ur mage friend to poison you, and then give you more arrows or some type of trash to get you to a very high %weight. then u go around spoiling pplz mobs. since ppl get pissed off and take a shot now and then, they’ll prolly hit you once, and bam, u die, they turn red. you should have like 3hp when tryin to do this exploit. then ur mage friend is free to use his bsps and aura burn em to death or w/e he feelz like doing. split the drops, rinse and repeat

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