Decent Guide For A Starter Elven Fighter (Lineage 2 walkthrough)

This guide will teach you how to lvl an elven fighter/mystic from 1-20 while earning a DECENT AMOUNT OF ADENA on the way. Sure this method will take a longer time to lvl, but the adena will definately be worth it once you reach 20 and can buy top of the line D grades.

My guide will not tell you how to lvl from 1-20 quickly, this is a guide that’ll teach you how to make a decent amount of adena from 1-20, so that once you reach 20 you’ll be able to buy that D grade weapon with ease!

Ok to start off, lvl your character from 1-6 doing that keltir quest. Or just kill keltirs until lvl 6. Once you have enough money to buy a bowthen get one, if your a mage dont worry about it. Don’t worry about armor for now, you wont need that until lvl 20 if you do as I say.(The reason for this is because you will be using a bow for the majority, if not entirely, of the time. I was able to get my Elf from 1-20 without armor and he turned out great!
Once you got the bow, lvl up by hunting Kaboo Orcs/Grunts west from the village. Once your lvl 8, start doing that Spore Fungus quest that the trader from the magic shop gives. Kill spore fungus’s until you get 10 spore sacs and return for a reward of a measly 2000 adena. Do it again, and again, and again until your lvl 20. You can make about 4000-6000 adena per quest, thats including drops and loot. I did this with my elven fighter 1-20 and was able to buy an elven bow and almost a full manticore set! This will take someone a long time to accomplish though, but should take no longer than a week if played religiously.

Well there it is, i know it’s simple and a HUGE grind, but knowing that you’ll be able to afford some great D grade items immediately after you reach 20 is so satisfying. Hopefully this will help someone out there.


I forgot to mention, do the Kaboo orc quest that one of the guards gives west of the village. Collect as many orc medallions/amulets as you can while doing the spore fungus quest and DON’T CASH THEM IN UNTIL LVL 20! This will give you a nice boost in adena as well.

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