DE Fighters 1-12 In A Day (Lineage warcry)

Well… 2 days if youre a casual gamer 🙂

Right off the bat go to any of the Abyssal Celebrants in the small building you start out in(theyre yellow on radar when u first get in the game).
Equip your armor and your weapon of choice and just kill anything you can that looks like a wolf. Wait a few seconds after kill them and in chat itll occasionally say somehting like
"Earned Fang"

Get 4 fangs from any of the wolf like creature and go back to the person you got the quest from.
You should be level 2(possibly 3) now.

Go to the west exit of the small building and talk to Abyssal Celebrant(AbC) Undrias. Shell give you a nice easy quest.
Now youve got to follow the path west into the big Dark Elf village(ok..its a metropolis in Open beta), directly down the ramp on the left i think should be a big square building, one of the storehouse guys in here is who you talk to about part of the quest. Next go to the shops, theyre next to the circle around the big hand(if you cant find the big hand, think about glasses) and in one of them look for Trader Iria, ok 2 people down 1 to go. Look to the north and go all the way up the big steps(this is where you need to go at level 5); talk to Master Trudy. Now down the strairs, to the east, up the ramp, across the path, and back to AbC Undrias! Now you should be level 3, 4 will help you alot though here.

Now go back west, to the village entrance. Talk to Sentry Jenine(the NPC guards). No go inside the village, down the ramp, to the hand, north up the stairs and talk to Master Harant(same place as M.Trudy). Back track back to Jenine, she wil ltake one of the pieces Harant gave, then go down the ramp all the way over to the western ramp and talk to Sentry Krpion(NC needs to grow up and accept they made a typo) BACK to the eastern ramp and chat with Sentry Rosaline, now twirl right up the ramp and talk to Jenine 1 more time.This quest will land you 450 Adena(currency) needed for some gear soon.

Near Jenine should be Sentry Nelsya. She gives a simple quest, collect 13 bezoars and youre done. You can get these from any brown kelpyr, BUT! before we start –
Remember those Shops? Git on goin! On your way, look for people selling bone daggers or small swords for 500a. If yo ucant get one now no biggy we have plenty of time, thi ownt slow you down. Now, talk to Trader Paint inside one of the stores, he will give you a quests to collect claws. Go back out the eastern exit and kill Ashen Wolves. These will drop both of the quest items you need.

You should be able to finish the Bezoar quest first. In which case you should be level 6 or very close to it after getting your reward.

Now here we need 2 things, either a sword or a dagger(daggers get mortal blow, swords get power hit, i will explain differences at the bottum), and a short bow. Each of these can be bought for 500a each from other players(do NOT use shops, EVER! [slap!]), if you dont have enough, go with the bow first, it will help ALOT for the next 14 levels. IF you have money leftover, dont get spending it on armor just yet or anythign else(you dont even need to buy arrows! ).

Go up to the trainers(stairs in the north side). You WILL have atleast 120 SP at this point, SP is Skill Points, you use them to train. If you bought a dagger, get mortal blow, or sword, get power hit. dont get both of these, youll fight best sticking to 1 specialty. Spend the other 60 on Power Shot. Now your first venture somewhere NEW!

Go out the west side, follow the path, and when it splits you want to go right(northwest). Run a couple hundred yards up here and youll start running into Goblins. Here is the first bit of micro-fighting youll do in the game.

Put you bow in one of the hotkeys on the right side(drag and drop from inventory). Put your sword/dagger in another one. Then your 2 skills in another 2.
I use
F1= Sword
F2= Bow
F3= Power hit
F4= Power shot

Target your goblin friend from afar. Equip your bow(just hit F2, in my case), do power shot. This hsould take off atleast 1/2 its health right away. If youve looted arrows before, run away a bit, then attack him, run awya, attack him, repeat this with the bow and you will kill him without taking 1 hit!
If youre tired of running, it will really only take 2-3 hits with anything to finish him off, you just have to shoot, press F1, then double click really fast.

Keeps killing Goblins as they will drop you the Claws needed for trader Paints quest. I think i was level 6 when i finished it. Someitmes these will drop you EIGHT claws at a time, so it finishes quickly. Return the claws and you should get an item worth atleast 600+ Adena, sell it or use it doesnt matter.

Now to level 8 is simple. Remember where the path split, and you went right? Go left. Find anything with Imp in its names. They spawn all over this whole field(look for the big black tower right in the middle of the field). Just kill kill kill till level 8, and save up any adena / items that drop.

Once you get to big ol’ 8 run back into the village. Barter off items you might have looted. If at this point you have around 2000 adena, try finding a wooden helm, this is part of a set we’ll need to get.

Now, go to Trader Vollodos, he gives you a quest to kill those big mushroom lookin things you mighta seen by the Imps. And train up while oyure here, done get the skills to level 2 untill you get atleast the weapon mastery level 1. Defensive aura doesnt help untill oyuve actually got a full set of armor on, so that can wait a few levels.

Return to where the Imps were and start kill shrooms(waah!? arent schrooms for eatin’?!). Youll get the quest item to drop maybe 1 out of every 4-5 schrooms.
After you get enough, go back to Vollodos, and get you 2K Adena! WOOHOO!………..ok now repeat.
Keep doing this quest till youre about mid way or so level ten, or untill you can afford the following
Wooden helm(which you shouldve gotten earlier newho)
Wooden Gaiters
Wooden Breastplate
Prices i kindan oticed lately have been about 7-8k for the breastplate, 4-6 for gaiters, and 2k for helm. The whole set really should never cost you much more than 15-16k, and with the adena and item loots you pickup while doing the quest, you actually get like 4k a run counting the reward.

Once youre level 10…
Now…Either way this quest works out well for you. If you use swords, this quest will make you a good 13k. If you use dagers, this is just a KICK ASS dagger!

Go up the stairs in the village(trainer area). Tetrach Thifiell is our man. He’ll give you a talisman for the beginning of the quest. Now remember that tiny little building in the east from when ya was a toddler, Git! Find AbC Kartia. She’ll take the talisman, and give you one. Now look in your inventory for the little map you got for the very first quest you did, double click, find a Dark Elven Initiation Temple. Follow the yellow brick road all the way there. To the west of it youll find Tumran orcs. With your bow and skills these are FLIES!!! Get the Ancient Scroll and Ancient Clay Tablet and head all the way back(if you were smart youd have gotten ahold of a scroll of escape by now too ). Give the stuff to AbC Kartia, he’ll give you a translation, give the translater to Thifiell i nthe village and check out the shiny blade in your inventory. You can barter it off for a minimum of 12-13k very easily. Get to level 11 if youre not already there…should be quick.

Go to the Weapon/Armor shop. Find the blacksmith hiding in the corner, Karoyds the name. You have alot of delivery’s to make here .
take the letter from karoyd to AbC Cecktinon, in the small place to the east of the village. He will give you Cecktinon’s Voucher1.
er, ok this is a long, time to pull out teh old fansite info!
3. Give the voucher to Magister Harne in the temple of the Dark Elven Village where you train. She will give you Cecktinon’s Voucher2.
4. Goto the School of Dark Arts (the Dark Elf dungeon) and collect 10 Bone Fragments from Skeleton Hunters (lvl 12 aggressive) and Skeleton Hunter Archers (lvl 13 passive).
5. Give the bone fragments to Magister Harne and he will give you a Soul Catcher.
6. Give the soul catcher to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon back in the eastern Temple. He will give you Preserve Oil.
7. Goto the marsh area southwest of the village and hunt Marsh Zombies until you get a Zombie Head, zombies have a very strong lifedrain, so be careful. Avoid the horrors (lvl 15+).
8. Give the head to Abyssal Celebrant Cecktinon and he will give you a Steelbender Head.
9. Give the steelbender to Blacksmith Karoyd back in the weapon shop.

Here is a tip for those bone pieces though.
Right inside the School of Dark Arts(or, soda, as it might be said in game). Go down the ramps, and right insde take the first right from the main room. Along these hallways skeletons spawn 1 or 2 at a time. In the very very first hallway, the same skeliton fighter spawns 45 seconds after he dies, which for me was a perfect amount of time to get MP and HP back up to 100%. If he is too easy and slow, just past him by the corner, an archer, and a fighter will spawn(if you get stuck fighting both, i suggest you ttake out the archer first, as its much easier to run from melee attacks. )

/bad gamer
Ok, i did, i Macro’d the spawn. I left and ate dinner and came back at level 12!
er, hrm wait
/cheer! im done!!!

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