Dark Horror Pathing Exploit Easy Xp And Cash (Lineage 2 s grade)

It’s a very typical pathing exploit and great for people between lvls of like 10-16. Anyway here we go. Near the dark Elf city there is a huge marsh that contains zombies, bats, Lesser Dark Horrors and Just plain old Dark Horrors. Well at the following co-ords X: -14,235 Y: 44,820 there is a small little temple it is also a spawning point for a lot of Dark Horrors. The picture below is of the temple to give you a good idea of what it looks like.
Some of you probably already see what’s going on. The idea is to run by as many Dark horrors as possible. If it helps any I always go clockwise from where the building stairs are. Make a nice loop around the temple. Then as long as you have enough space between you and the Dark Horrors you can run up the steps and all the Dark Horrors will be stuck between the buildings edge and the stairs. Madly trying to kill you but thankfully unable to as you can see in this next picture.
Of course the best part is that you can sit there and pick them off one by one with a bow or spell without any trouble at all. Anymore now, when I go there, it is camped, but Dark Horrors spawn so quickly that almost no one cares.

EDIT: Be warned about this exploit in the middle of doing this with my friend and alot of other people who were just camped out at the spot. We found ourselves suddenly disconnected from the game and un-able to log back in since about 10:30 PM last night. I have no clue whether we have been suspended from our accounts or actually banned. However I will let everyone know our status in about 2 hours as soon as I get home from school.
Also my friend who is lvl 10, gets 400+ xp and 19sp Per kill on Dark Horrors so this really is a good deal. If people aren’t being banned for it. =(

EDIT2: Ok well after a little bit of experimenting and searching around I have discovered several things. My first account was banned but only for 10 days. So I have about 9 days left on that. However on my second account I tried doing this exploit when no one was around and got a good part of my level 8. So you can probably get away with this as long as no one else is doing it or there are others there also doing it. I would avoid doing it if there are people there just hunting normally. Anyway Hope this has been pretty helpful to people.

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