Dark Elves —— The Road To Palus Knight (Lineage ii extreme)

You need to be in Gludio and go talk to master Virgil at the Dark Elf Guild. He will tell you to collect 13 Lycanthrope skulls from the neutral zone for A Skull Ceremony. “A nasty Job but some one has to do it”. Head north out of Gludio along the road, you will come to a canyon, go thru it, as soon as you exit it make a left. You will find Lycanthrope off the road to the left. There are also Ratman and Arachnid Trackers. Lycanthropes are mixed in with these mobs. Kill enough to collect 13 Skull then Head back to Master Virgil. He will then tell you to head to Gludin, talk to Abyssal Celebrant Kalinta at the Dark Elf Guild. She will tell you to collect a Caraspace from a Giant Poison Spider and 5 Trimden Spider Silk threads to make your Coffin. Out of Gludin head south along the road where you will see the Poison spiders to left side of the road. Kill one to get the Carapace and then Kill Arachnid Trackers until you get 5 Spiders Silks. Take these items back to Kalinta, she will make you coffin and have you write your name inside. Now take the coffin to Master Virgil in Gludio. After you give the coffin to Master Virgil he will give you "the gaze of the abyss". He will tell you to give it to the Head Master. Talk to him to complete your Job Transfer. You need to be at least level 19 to complete the quest and Level 20 to be able to change you job. Congratulations you are now a Palus Knight.
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Lineage 2 Adena.

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