Dark Elf Guide Level 1-15 (Lineage 2 game download)

Dark Elf Mage Guide (1-14)

*Quest Number 1 – Dark Elf Tutorial*

Level : 1
Starting Location : Dark Elf Temple (Any of the Abyssal Celebrants).
Repeatable : Nope.
Rewards : World Map.

1) Talk to anyone of the Abyssal Celebrants in the Temple.
2) Kill Keltirs until you obtain 4 Neptir (Or Keltir) Fangs.
3) Return to anyone of the Abyssal Celebrants. *Receive Blood of Mitraell*
4) Give the Blood of Mitraell to Mitraell (He is standing infront of the statue thinger of the Goddess Shillien).

So, having done your first quest and having a extremely noobish style idea of how to play a mystic or the game in general, head out to kill more Keltirs until your are lvl 3 or 4. Being that they are extremely weak, it will take 1 to 2 Wind Strikes to kill them.

**Important Mage Rule – Don’t stay in one spot and cast spells…RUN back and cast spells so that they have to catch up to hit you, thereby decreasing the chance of you getting interrupted because the spells are almost done when they get to you.**

*Quest Number 2 – Mass Of Darkness*

Level : 2
Starting Location : Dark Elf Temple (Abyssal Celebrant Undrias).
Repeatable : No.
Rewards : 250 Adena, 500 Exp.

1) Talk to Abyssal Celebrant Undrias at the Western exit of the Dark Elf Temple. *Receive Undrias’ Letter*.
2) Exit the Temple and proceed West to the Dark Elf Village. When you come upon the center, the first building on your left (assuming your watching your character from behind) is the Warehouse (Bank type thinger). Talk to Warehouse Keeper Dorankus. *Receive Dreviant Wine*.
3) Walk into the center of the village and proceed North up the steps into the Temple (In the village) Where you can later get your skills and many other quests from. Talk to Master Trudy and… *Receive Garmiel’s Scripture*.
4) Go down the steps and into the Weapon/Armor shop. Talk to Trader Iria to *Receive Ceremonial Dagger*.
5) Return to the Dark Elf Temple (Refer to your map if you are completely lost) and talk to Abyssal Celebrant Undrais to receive your awards.

Now in between all of this I shall add that hunting a bit more (Keltirs and Wolves) is a good idea, don’t JUST do quests.

*Quest Number 3 – Shilliens Hunt*

Level : 3
Starting Location : Dark Elf Village (Sentry Nelsya).
Repeatable : No.
Rewards : 1900 Exp, Lesser Healing Potion.

1) Talk to Sentry Nelsya just outside of the Eastern entrance/exit of the Dark Elf Village.
2) Kill Ashen Wolves (About 2 Wind Strikes) until you collect 13 Dark Bezoars.
3) Return to Nelsya for the reward.

Simple enough, yes? By this time you should be lvl 4-5 and after I am done explaining all of the quests I shall instruct thee on what to do next =/.

*Quest Number 4 – Deliver Supplies*

Level : 3
Starting Location : Dark Elf Village (Sentry Jenine).
Repeatable : No.
Rewards : 450 Adena.

1) Find and talk to Jenine beside where Sentry Nelsya from above is *Receive Jenine’s Letter*.
2) Go into the Dark Elf Village and to the Northern part back to the temple (where you receive skills, not where you first started) and talk to Master Harant. *Receive 3 Sentry Blades*.
3) Return to Jenine and she’ll take one of the blades.
4) The 2nd blade goes to Sentry Krpion (Western Exit/Entrance) and jack his sword *Receive Old Bronze Sword*.
5) The 3rd and final blade goes to Sentry Rosaline posted at the Eastern E/E (got tired of typing it) and jack her sword too. *Receive Old Bronze Sword*.
6) Take the Bronze Swords back to Jenine to receive your reward.

*Quest Number 5 – Keen Claws*

**Probably one of the best quests to do at lvl 3-7**
Level : 3
Starting Location : Dark Elf Village (Trader Paint).
Repeatable : Yes!! (Thought you’d never see that huh?).
Rewards : Either 1000 Adena, A Healing Potion, Or a random piece of starter armor. (Only one of those though).

1) So back in the Dark Elf Village again, assuming that your about lvl 4-5, head into the weapons shop and talk to Trader Paint.
2) Hunt Ashen Wolves (Lvl 4 Passives) Or the new monster (sorta) (Goblins (Lvl 5 Passive) until you get 50 Wolf Claws. (Why Goblins would have Wolf Claws is beyond me but I’ve learned not to ask questions =P). Careful of Goblins, they will link and gang beat you. Wolves drop about 1-2 claws and Gob’s drop about 2-8.
3) Return with the 50 Claws to Paint to receive your random reward.

Now there is another quest you can do which is called Chains of Slavery (Talk to Sentry Krpion) But I find the quest so dumb and pointless that I won’t even hurt my fingers even more then they already by putting it in here.

And finally!!! Done with quests!! for now….Anyways, you should be about lvl 5 or 6 now. Follow the road West out of the village until you see a tower in a field (Still not asking questions about stuff like that) Around this tower is where you should stay until about lvl 9-10. Kill Goblins and Imps until lvl 8-9 and At Level 9-10 kill Imps and Imp Elders. But wait!! What about new skills!! Well when you hit lvl 7, return to that magical temple (THE SKILL ONE NOT THE NOOB ONE) and talk to Magister Harne and Click. can you guess it? Learn Skills…wooooooo who knew?????(Sorry sarcasms is kicking in from all the typing ) I recommend Wind Strike lvl 2 and Ice Bolt lvl 1 if possible. Then return to hunting Imps and such as stated above or if you miss it that much you can…..

*Quest Number 6 – Trade With The Ivory Tower*

Level : 8
Starting Location : Dark Elf Village (Trader Vollodos).
Repeatable : Yes (Oooo two in a row, moving on up in the world)
Reward: 2000 Adena.

1) Talk to Trader Vollodos in the Magic Shop, he sends you off to collect 10 Fungus Sacs…hehe…
2) Head West out of the town and go back to the Tower that I don’t ask questions as to why it is there and from there go North west until you see Forest Walking Fungus (Lvl 9 Passive/Link). Fungus Sacs…hehe…are rare drops and you HAVE to get the last hit to have a chance of getting one. The alternative to these are Blood Fungus (Lvl 12 Passive/Link) which are North/North-West of the Swampie Area. Blood Fungus have a higher drop rate of…yeah…
3) Return to the Trader and give him his sacs…*smirk* and take the quest again and repeat it till he has enough sacs..*tries not to burst out laughing*

Anyways, nuff of my sick and twisted humor. Once again, for a seeminglu and rather pointless quest that I shall not bother typing out, talk to Sentry Kayleen.

So your now about lvl 10-11 (If your not then you’d better hurry up, jeez) thinkin what do I do now? (If your not then you’d better hurry up, jeez) ……..d? v??o that’s just over tiredness kicking in….Anyways…guess what’s next!!!

*Quest Number 7 – Forgotten Truth*

Level : 10
Starting Location : Dark Elf Village (Tetrarch Thifiell)
Repeatable : No (I wish though)
Reward : Eldritch Dagger (Yeah that funny thing that everyone sells for dumb prices)

1) Find and talk to Tetrarch Thifiell in the temple (don’t make me say which one) in the north end of the town (duh). He’ll give you *Receive Onyx Talisman1*.
2) Give the Talisman to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia in the NOOB TEMPLE (Don’t get to confused here) and wait..Remember this point here (~’.’) there, remember that, I’ll refer back here later.
3) Being that Kartia is dumb, he lost the tablets to orcs. You need to go WAY out of the way to the Dark Elf Initiation Altar. Right at the Crossroads that lead south to the altar (West of the altar) is a lot of big hairy nasty spiders that will eat your soul. But Hey!! On the bright side, there are also the Tumran Orc Brigands you are looking for (Lvl 11 Passive/Link). Kill some until you get both the Ancient Scroll and Ancient Clay Tablet. Btw, scary spiders are like, lvl 14-17 Aggressive or something close to that, to tired to actually remember =/.
4) Return Via a long TAULT (sorry if I can’t say that) walk or a Scroll Of Escape if you aren’t dumb and give the jazz to Abyssal Celebrant Kartia, he’ll give you the jazzy translation. Give the Translation to Tetrarch Thifiell.

Now I suppose your wondering, wtf was with the (~’.’) thinger he was mumbling about? Well, In the quest above was ABYSSAL CELEBRANT KARTIA yes? Well assuming your still at Tetrarch Thifiell, who is to the Right of him in the Corner? Tetrarch Kartia yes? The same damn person? Multiple Personalities hmm? Don’t get as confused as I was with this whole jazz lol.

Anyways, Your probably about lvl 12 by now, I recommend hunting either Zombies in da swamp, or Stone Soldiers around Soda (School of Dark Arts) till lvl 14

*Quest 8 – Spirit Of Craftsman*

Level : 11
Starting Location : Dark Elf Village (Blacksmith Karrod)
Repeatable : Nopers
Rewards : Blood Saber (The other dumb item people sell at dumb prices *cough hint*)

1) Talk to Karrod in the Weapon Shop, you’ll get his letter.
2) Give the letter to Celebrant Cecktinon in the noob temple, he’ll give you Cecktinon’s Voucher1.
3) Give the couher to Magister Harne in the Skill Temple, you’ll get Cecktinon’s Voucher2.
4) Go to SODA and collect 10 Bone Fragments from Skeletons Hunters (Lvl 12 Aggresive/Link) and Skeleton Hunter Archers (Lvl 13 Passive/Link).
5) Give the Fragments to Harne and you’ll get a Soul Catcher.
6) Give the Catcher to Cecktinon, He’ll give you preserve oil.
7) Go hunt zombies in the swamp (duh) and get a zombie head.
Go back to Ceck and he’ll give you a steelbender head (sorry but holding a talking head with the spirit of a dead enslaved dwarf is a tad to creepy on my part)
9) Give the revolting head to Karrod and he’ll give you the sword.

Yay! It’s almost done! My fingers are about to bleed because I’ve been on the computer for almost 15 straight hours! (Counter-Strike and Lineage2 and this guide) My eyes are also blood shot! Yay! Annnyways, you’ll be about lvl 14-15 when you finish all this jazz. Lemme make a quick spell guide…

Lvl 1
Wind Strike 1 – Pwr 12
Self Heal 1 – Pwr 42

Lvl 7
Anti Magic 1/2 – SP 240
Armor Mastery 1 – SP 470
Weapon Mastery 1 – SP 470
Cure Poison 1 – SP 470
Curse: Poison 1 – Intensity 1 – SP 470
Heal 1 – Pwr 49 – SP 160
Heal 2 – Pwr 58 – SP 160
Heal 3 – Pwr 67 – SP 160
Ice Bolt 1 – Pwr 8 (Slows Targets) – SP 240
Ice Bolt 2 – Pwr 9 (Slows Targets) – SP 240
Might 1 – Intensity 1 – SP 470
Shield 1 – Effect 1 – SP 470
Wind Strike 2 – Pwr 13 – SP 240
Wind Strike 3 – Pwr 15 – SP 240

Lvl 14
Anti Magic 3 – SP 1100
Anti Magic 4 – SP 1100
Armor Mastery 2 – SP 1100
Armor Mastery 3 – SP 1100
Weapon Mastery 2 – SP 2100
Battle Heal 1 – Pwr 83 – SP 700
Battle Heal 2 – Pwr 95 – SP 700
Battle Heal 3 – Pwr 107 – SP 700
Group Heal 1 – Pwr 66 (Party Effect) – SP 700
Group Heal 2 – Pwr 76 (Party Effect) – SP 700
Group Heal 3 – Pwr 86 (Party Effect) – SP 700
Heal 4 – Pwr 83 – SP 700
Heal 5 – Pwr 95 – SP 700
Heal 6 – Pwr 107 – SP 700
Ice Bolt 3 – Pwr 11 (Slows Target) – SP 1100
Ice Bolt 4 – Pwr 13 (Slows Target) – SP 1100
Vampiric Touch 1 – Pwr 18 (Absorbs HP) – SP 1100
Vampiric Touch 2 – Pwr 21 (Absorbs HP) – SP 1100
Wind Shackle 1 – Intensity 1 – SP 2100
Wind Strike 4 – Pwr 18 – SP 1100
Wind Strike 5 – Pwr 21 – SP 110

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