Dark Elf Fighter Skills And Strategies (Ncsoft Lineage)

I’d like to preface by saying this probably applies to any type of fighter character.

Skills and using them correctly can turn the tide of battle greatly, or prevent you from losing precious XP. First of all you should know where the skill trainers are. In the dark elf city (you should get a map on the intar-web) there is an exit from the main circle of the town that leads up STAIRS and into a library looking place. Once in this place turn right and select the trainer on the right wall (I dont know his name). This will bring up a self explanitory screen, a retarded muskrat could do this. You will find a list of skils, they include:

armor mastery 1
passive skill that increases your armor profiency, an of course get.
Weapon Mastery 1
Same idea as armor mastery 1
Defence Aura 1
Increases defense for awhile, usefull if you’re going to fight something you don’t know if you can beat or not
Mortal Blow
My pride and joy! Doesn’t hit much until level 12 but it’s still awesome. Takes about 70% of the enemies damage for me
Power Shot
Awesome, does a lot of damage and hits often, not as hard as mortal blow though
Power Strike
Never used it much, good for the warrior type, but i’m going assasin, doesn’t do that much damage but hits a lot.

First of all, you should buy Mortal Blow and Power Shot first, you’ll learn why in a second. The masteries can wait for awhile.
Whenever going melee with a enemie be sure to start it off with a Mortal Blow, and maybe throw some in during the fight if the first doesn’t hit. This is a good strategy because it doesn’t drain that much MP compared to the next one.
Powershot to Mortal Blow
If you can pull off both of these chances are the enemy will be dead. This does require a lot of MP and of course, a bow. Put your bow and daggar on your hot key tray so you can switch fast.
2 Bow shots to Mortal Blow
This one of my favorites, withought taking too much MP you can do almost as much damage as Powershot to Mortal Blow.

hope this helps

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