Dark Elf – Easy Cash & Quick Levling Tips (Lineage 2 downloads)

When you start as a dark elf, be it warrior or mage, the most important thing to start with is getting up levels fast.
Here i will give you some short tips on how to reach level7 (the first "magical limit"), then how to reak in cash in buckets.

"Quick" leveling

equip your "clothes/armor" and weapons.
Setup your F slots for easy command access.
Run outside and kill the kellfir/wolves until you reach level 4.
Move along to the miniorcs (cant for the life of me remeber the name of them, they run around with wooden clubs).
When you feel secure anough, move away from this area and towards the imps. They give 160XP each (approx) and some petty cash).
Upon reaching level 7 you have the ability to learn new spells, they are found on npc´s in the "underground town", up the stairway,and in the left corner.
Continue to kill imps if you feel like leveling some more before moving on.

Bringing home the bacon
When your in the town, you go to a merchant called vollodos
(he is in one on of the stores, they are on oposite sides).
Talk to him, and choose the option "lowest" of the 3.
You will then get a mission that you can see in your mission window, and it is killing "walking forest mushrooms" until you get 10sacks of mushroom.
when you return, you will get 2000gold, and then you can do the mission over again.

As you get higher and higher up in levels (and your braver), you will have to kill larger shrooms.
This is where the fun begins, cause they drop a scroll, that when used transports you directly into the nearest town.
By using this, you will half your time, and do one mission in roughly 5 minutes (instead of the 10minutes you would use before you could kill them shrooms).

with 2k gold every 5 minutes, you will make 24000 gold an hour, mabye more, depending on how good you are, and how easy you bore.

[color=red]Obs! – After getting past level4, you will loose stuff when you die, mainly xp, so be carefull and dont push your luck, as you can actualy drop in levels with the xp drop[/color]
A few hours with this, and you can buy some good stuff from the stores,and become even better, be it armor/weapons, or spells/staffs or robes.

Good luck Betatesters, let the gaming begin

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