Cross Misty Mountains (Lineage 2 hatchling)

I know of a way to walk across the misty mountains from dark elven village to elven village and vice versa. It’s hard to explain it off hand, but there is a particular spot to start. Anyway, heres the best I can do without screenshots or accessing the game from my personal computer. If my instructions are too obscure let me know and Ill post some screenshots.

1.take the west gate out of dev and follow the path south, keeping about 20 feet to the east it. About half-way to the swampland, you will see what appears to be scattared pieces of broken stone (which i believe is brown), in a small somewhat circular pattern. There are imps hovering above them. Just to the east of these stones. the mt slopes upward at traverseable angles, and is not quite steep enough to make you fall.

2.Once at the top, continue walking up and keep a somewhat eastern bearing. You will soon come across a stretch of mt. that looks almost like it was meant to be walked across (maybe it was??). You will be forced by invisible walls to run in a certain direction, but it isnt too hard. Just keep following the path-like mt. strait until you reach the end – a wide area that slopes upward.

3.Run along the invisible wall until you are up and over. Now you can see the ev area. All you have to do now is follow the invisible wall to the long downward walkable slope just north of you. You can also jump off at any point, either purposeful or otherwise, without dying, because of the extreme height. I usually take like tens of thousands worth dmg according to the text, but i sit at like 20hp.

This has worked for me 5-6 times and others i know have done it. Once I got stuck, but otherwise never got killed by the fall. The starting place can be difficult to find sometimes, but there is another place at the longitude or lati… or whatever line that says 40 going horizontal. You can get up there and it will take longer. Reading over it, it all sounds very incomplete, so if someone requests more help ill post some follow-up info/ screenshots. This seems to be a faster route than walking past the neutral zone, and is good for getting quests and finding new places to grind. Sorry for the long post if this has been discussed before.

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