Coin Of Magic Quest Details (Lineage 2 character)

Note this is only for The level 3 members as this is about as far as I have gotten.
This quest can be started at lvl 40.


The quest starts out in Hunters Village from Warehouse Keeper Sorint. After talking to Sorint he claims about a priceless gold coin which he wants you to collect for him. He then sends you to Union President Bernard. Bernard can be located in the building right next to Cronos and the guy that gives you the Song of Hunter License Test. Talk to Bernard and he sends you out to collect the Golden Dragon of Kalis (the coin) which is found the most easily off of Harit Lizardmen Matriarchs. They look exactly like The overlord types. These can be found in the Forest of Mirrors right along the path to Aeghal Waterfall, they are level 55. Kill matriarchs, get your coin, return to Sorint. Ta~da you are in the guild now.

Now for the drop information and further level quest requirements.
Timak Orcs, Timak Orc Soldiers, Timak Orc Archers, Lakins, and Punishment of Undead

Formor, Formor Elders, Vanor Silenos Shamans, Ol Mahum, Ol Mahum Warriors, Tarlk Bugbear Warriors

Timak Orc Shaman, Shackle, Malruk Succubes Turen, Headless Knight, Royal Cave Servant, hatar Hanishee

Who trades what?

Level 3

Magister Page in HV trades:

1 Gold Knight, 1 Silver Fairy, OR 1 Blood Werewolf For 10 BLOOD MEDUSA’S
1 Nia’s Blood Medusa For 20 BLOOD MEDUSA’S

Researcher Lorain at Cruma

1 Gold Knight, 1 Silver Golem, OR 1 Blood Dre Vanul for 10 GOLD WYVERN’S
1 Nia’s Gold Wyvern for 20 GOLD WYVERN’S

Warehouse keeper Hagger in Oren

1 Gold Drake, 1 Silver Golem, OR 1 Blood Werewolf for 10 SILVER UNICORN’S
1 Nia’s Silver Fiary for 20 SILVER UNICORN’S


Moonstone Earring
Nia’s Blood Medusa x1
Blood Werewolf x6
Silver Golem x6

Earring of Protection
Nia’s Gold Wyvern x1
Blood Dre Vanul x8
Silver Fairy x7

Ring of Protection
Nia’s Silver Fairy x1
Gold Knight x5
Gold Drake x4

Necklace of Protection
Nia’s Blood Medusa x3
Nia’s Gold Wyvern x4
Nia’s Silver Fairy x3

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