C2 Weapon SA’s (Lineage 2 tattoo)

A Grade
Blood Tornado SA=crt.drain SA=haste SA=rsk.evasion
Bloody Orchid SA=backblow SA=evasion SA=focus
Carnium Bow SA=crt.bleed SA=manaup SA=quickrecovery
Dasparion’s Staff SA=magicweakness SA=manaup SA=magicchaos
Halbard SA=crt.stun SA=longblow SA=wideblow
Meteor Shower SA=focus SA=health SA=m.focus
Tallum Blade SA=health SA=rsk.evasion SA=rsk.haste

B Grade
Art of Battle Axe SA=haste SA=health SA=m.focus
Arthro Nail SA=crt.poison SA=rsk.evasion SA=rsk.haste
Bellion Cestus SA=crt.drain SA=crt.poison SA=rsk.haste
Dark Elven Long Bow SA=crt.bleed SA=evasion SA=haste
Deadman’s Glory SA=anger SA=haste SA=health
Demon’s Sword SA=crt.bleed SA=crt.poison SA=mightmotal
Great Axe SA=anger SA=crt.stun SA=light
Great Sword SA=crt.damage SA=focus SA=health
Hazard Bow SA=cheapshot SA=guidence SA=haste
Heavy War Axe SA=anger SA=health SA=m.focus
Hell Knife SA=backblow SA=focus SA=mightmotal
Kris SA=backblow SA=evasion SA=focus
Kshanberk SA=backblow SA=focus SA=guidence
Lancia SA=anger SA=crt.stun SA=longblow
Sprite’s Staff SA=magichold SA=magicmight SA=magicshield
Staff of Evil Sprit SA=magicagility SA=magicfocus SA=magicpoison
Sword of Damascus SA=crt.damage SA=focus SA=haste

C Grade
Akat Long Bow SA=cheapshot SA=evasion SA=guidence
Battle Axe SA=anger SA=focus SA=m.focus
Bech de Corbin SA=crt.stun SA=light SA=longblow
Big Hammer SA=focus SA=health SA=m.focus
Body Slasher SA=crt.stun SA=longblow SA=wideblow
Caliburs SA=focus SA=guidence SA=m.focus
Chakram SA=crt.drain SA=crt.poison SA=rsk.haste
Crystal Dagger SA=crt.bleed SA=crt.poison SA=mightmotal
Crystal Staff SA=magicagility SA=manaup SA=rsk.evasion
Crystallized Ice Bow SA=evasion SA=guidence SA=quickrecovery
Cursed dagger SA=crt.bleed SA=crt.poison SA=rsk.haste
Cursed staff SA=magichold SA=magicpoison SA=magicweakness
Dark screamer SA=crt.bleed SA=evasion SA=focus
Darkelven dagger SA=backblow SA=focus SA=mightmotal
Deadman’s staff SA=magichold SA=magicmight SA=magicshield
Demon’s staff SA=magicchaos SA=magicpoison SA=magicweakness
Dwarven warhammer SA=focus SA=haste SA=health
Elemental bow SA=evasion SA=guidence SA=quickrecovery
Eminence bow SA=crt.bleed SA=guidence SA=quickrecovery
Fist blade SA=haste SA=rsk.evasion SA=rsk.haste
Flamberge SA=crt.damage SA=focus SA=light
Ghoul’s staff SA=magicagility SA=manaup SA=rsk.evasion
Grace dagger SA=backblow SA=evasion SA=focus
Great pata SA=crt.drain SA=crt.poison SA=rsk.haste
Heavy doom axe SA=magicchaos SA=magicpoison SA=magicweakness
Heavy doom hammer SA=magichold SA=magicmight SA=magicshield
Katana SA=crt.damage SA=focus SA=haste
Knuckle dust SA=haste SA=rsk.evasion SA=rsk.haste
Noble elven bow SA=cheapshot SA=evasionSA=manaup
Orcish glaive SA=anger SA=crt.stun SA=longblow
Orcish poleaxe SA=crt.stun SA=longblow SA=wideblow
Paagrio axe SA=magicchaos SA=magicweakness SA=manaup
Paagrio hammer SA=magicpoison SA=magicweakness SA=rsk.evasion
Paradia staff SA=magichold SA=magicmight SA=magicshield
Raid sword SA=crt.drain SA=crt.poison SA=focus
Sage’s staff SA=magichold SA=magicpoison SA=magicweakness
Samurai longsword SA=crt.damage SA=focus SA=haste
Scorpion SA=anger SA=crt.stun SA=longblow
Scythe SA=anger SA=crt.stun SA=light
Shamshir SA=backblow SA=guidence SA=rsk.evasion
Skull graver SA=anger SA=health SA=rsk.focus
Spirits sword SA=crt.damage SA=hp.guidence SA=mp.guidence
Stiletto SA=crt.bleed SA=crt.poison SA=mightmotal
Stormbringer SA=crt.anger SA=focus SA=light
Sword of delusion SA=focus SA=health SA=rsk.haste
Sword of nightmare SA=focus SA=health SA=light
Tsurugi SA=crt.damage SA=focus SA=haste
War axe SA=focus SA=haste SA=health
War pick SA=anger SA=focus SA=haste
Widow maker SA=crt.stun SA=longblow SA=wideblow
Yaksa mace SA=anger SA=health SA=rsk.focus

Combination Dual Sword SA’s
This is doen by enchanting to +4
this is translated from korean, so it may not be the same

C Grade Dual Sword Combinations
Crimson Sword*Elven Long Sword SA=Accuracy
Elven Sword*Elven Long Sword SA=Crt.Damage
Sword of Revolution*Sword of Revolution SA=Health
Sword of Revolution*Elven Long Sword SA=Focus
Elven Long Sword*Elven Long Sword SA=Haste
Stormbringer*Stormbringer SA=Accuracy
Stormbringer*Shamshir SA=Crt.Damage
Stormbringer*Katana SA=Health
Stormbringer*Spirit Sword SA=Focus
Stormbringer*Raid Sword SA=Haste
Shamshir*Shamshir SA=Accuracy
Shamshir*Katana SA=Crt.Damage
Shamshir*Spirit Sword SA=Health
Shamshir*Raid Sword SA=Focus
Katana*Katana SA=Haste
Katana*Spirit Sword SA=Accuracy
Katana*Raid Sword SA=Crt.Damage
Spirit Sword*Spirit Sword SA=Health
Spirit Sword*Raid Sword SA=Focus
Raid Sword*Raid Sword SA=Haste

B Grade Dual Sword Combinations
Stormbringer*Caliburs SA=Accuracy
Stormbringer*Sword of Limit SA=Crt.Damage
Stormbringer*Sword of Delusion SA=Health
Stormbringer*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Stormbringer*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Shamshir*Caliburs SA=Accuracy
Shamshir*Sword of Limit SA=Crt.Damage
Shamshir*Sword of Delusion SA=Health
Shamshir*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Shamshir*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Katana*Caliburs SA=Accuracy
Katana*Sword of Limit SA=Crt.Damage
Katana*Sword of Delusion SA=Health
Katana*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Katana*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Spirit Sword*Caliburs SA=Accuracy
Spirit Sword*Sword of Limit SA=Crt.Damage
Spirit Sword*Sword of Delusion SA=Health
Spirit Sword*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Spirit Sword*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Raid Sword*Caliburs SA=Accuracy
Raid Sword*Sword of Limit SA=Crt.Damage
Raid Sword*Sword of Delusion SA=Health
Raid Sword*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Raid Sword*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Stormbringer*Samurai Longsword SA=Accuracy
Caliburs*Caliburs SA=Crt.Damage
Caliburs*Sword of Limit SA=Health
Caliburs*Sword of Delusion SA=Focus
Caliburs*Sword of Nightmare SA=Haste
Caliburs*Tsurugi SA=Accuracy
Sword of Limit*Sword of Limit SA=Crt.Damage
Sword of Limit*Sword of Delusion SA=Health
Sword of Limit*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Sword of Limit*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Sword of Delusion*Sword of Delusion SA=Accuracy
Sword of Delusion*Sword of Nightmare SA=Crt.Damage
Sword of Delusion*Tsurugi SA=Health
Sword of Nightmare*Sword of Nightmare SA=Focus
Sword of Nightmare*Tsurugi SA=Haste
Tsurugi*Tsurugi SA=Focus
Shamshir*Samurai Longsword SA=Accuracy
Raid Sword*Samurai Longsword SA=Focus
Spirit Sword*Samurai Longsword SA=Health
Katana*Samurai Longsword SA=Crt.Damage
Caliburs*Samurai Longsword SA=Haste
Sword of Limit*Samurai Longsword SA=Accuracy
Sword of Delusion*Samurai Longsword SA=Crt.Damage
Sword of Nightmare*Samurai Longsword SA=Health
Tsurugi*Samurai Longsword SA=Crt. damage
Samurai Longsword*Samurai Longsword SA=Haste

Enjoy 🙂

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