Brigadine 150+HP (Lineage screenshots)

(Mainly for Priv Servers Now)

This requires a Brigadine Set. Not sure if anyone have this posted already but, it’s very useful if you need extra HP. When you’re low lvl equip the brigadine set, (Helmet, Armor, Gaiters) and you get at least 150+HP extra now sit there or get a friend to heal you or use potions until your HP fills up the gap. Now swap armors to Bronze Set or whatever armor is best for you. When you swap armors you will get to keep your extra HP. I’ve tried this with a Human Buffer (first time I’ve seen Healer wear Brigadine lol) and it worked, and did it with my DE and it worked. The server will think that part of the HP is really yours and when you take damage it will take damage from the excess HP that you have. So your HP should be like 478/308, well at least that’s what mine is. Enemies will damage your excess HP and you will still have your regular HP bar after your 150+HP is damaged down. Enjoy

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