Archer Leveling 35-45 (Lineage ii nude patch)

Here’s a strategy I’ve been using with great success to level my Level 37 Elven Archer…..soloing in the Sea of Spores!

The high level (level 43) Wyrms, and Monster Eyes (Level 42) are EXTREMELY SLOW, and can be kited quite easily. I’ve been using a Strengthened Long Bow, but I regularly see people using Gastras. If your goal is to level quickly, then you’ll need gobs of soulshots. However, the great thing about these mobs are they drop 400-550 adena a piece, easily paying for your soulshots!

So here’s my recommendation, get AT LEAST a 790k+ Bow (preferably a Gastra or higher), get 10,000 d grade soulshots (100k adena)…….and here’s the kicker. A WOLF PET.

I covered the usefulness of a wolf pet in the following post:


As we all know, Bone Arrows have 3 weight, and can really load you down. Now, your wolf pet can hold 9000 weight, so load him up with 3000 arrows and throw him in your backpack. No weight penalty for you, just for him! But it doesn’t matter as the little fellow is just being used as a backpack. Also, make sure you get yourself the standard 1200-1500 arrows yourself, and you’ll have 4000+ arrows to use up at the Sea of Spores.

With 10k soulshots, 4000 arrows, and extremely high level mobs to kill with no risk………you’ll experience extremely easy (and quick!) leveling at Level 35+. Try it out!

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